How to fix errors Sound System, Component Protection Audi Q7?

Component Protection Audi when activated will limit one or even disable the features of the car audio system. If you are looking for ways to fix errors about Sound System, Component Protection Audi Q7, then follow the information we provide in the article below.

What is Component Protection Audi?

Component Protection is used as part of the security system of VAG facilities. Each module is locked with Component Protection Audi to prevent the exchange of modules between different vehicles without authorization from the VAG’s online database center.
Therefore, if you replace the sound system with a new one, “Component Protection Active” will be activated and as a result there will be some functions on the radio that are limited.

Indication of fault

An error in the audio system appears when you replace the car radio box. Some audio problems in the car can appear as:

  • No sound from the speaker
  • Sound from only one speaker
  • Can’t tune FM radio, Bluetooth connection,…

If replacing the control box leads to the above errors, you will need software to reprogram the system to work properly. The software commonly used for VAG vehicles is Odis Service. Below is a picture after using the diagnostic software.

When performing the test on the Odis service software, the following results will be obtained:


Fix errors Sound System, Component Protection Audi Guide

Software and device requirements

To be able to handle this error, you need to prepare the following software and equipment:

  • Diagnostic software: ODIS service
  • Device Vas5054 with Cable
  • Computer:Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i5, RAM: at least 4GB, SSD Hard Drive: 10GB free, impact resistant, good heat dissipation, water and grease resistant, battery life up to 4 hours. You can refer to the computer models Panasonic CF19, Panasonic CF53,…

VW remove component protection VCDS is of interest to many technicians. VCDS is an in-depth diagnostic software for VAG vehicles. However, we have not removed this feature on VCDS software and how it works, so in this article we perform the operation on the familiar Odis software.

Steps to remove component protection

The component protection Audi error will be fixed by programming and allowing the old module to work in the new car with its full functionality.

After fully preparing the equipment and software, you can follow the steps as shown in our guide below.
Here are the steps to take to fix the error Component Protection Audi:

Step 1: Make a computer connection with the car through Vas5054
Step 2: Make connection and read errors in Odis Service


Step 3: Go to the Remove Component Protection feature

Step 4: Login online account

If you don’t have an online login account, you can get it at our Audi login online service.


Step 5: After login, the software will automatically run diagnostics and clear the error


You can refer to the video on how to repair errors of Mercedes, BMW, VAG… at our Youtube channel: Car Diagnostic Software

Specifically, the steps will be performed as in the video tutorial below:

Note: The replacement part must be the same as the old part number

Car audio system is an indispensable companion on every journey. When this system has a software error, you may not be able to experience with your favorite songs or update hot news via radio. Therefore, referencing the steps to fix the error “Sound System, Component Protection Audi Q7” with professional diagnostic software is essential for every car repair technician.

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