Front passenger airbag disabled: When and Why?


Front passenger airbag disabled depending on the vehicle owner’s needs. This function is usually turned off to ensure safety before installing a child seat in the passenger seat. Experts from Eurocartool will share with you how to do it and important notes for front-passenger airbag-enabled Mercedes in the article below.

When should you disable the front passenger airbag?

Airbags are an important vehicle safety feature, but there are situations when it is necessary to turn off the passenger-side airbag:

  • When children are placed in the front passenger seat. Because deploying an airbag in this seat position can cause serious harm or even death to the child.
  • When a passenger has a special medical condition and a medical professional has determined that the passenger would be safer riding with the passenger side airbag turned off.
  • The airbag can also be turned off when the seat is unoccupied.


In most vehicles, there will be a helpful reminder sticker located behind the front passenger visor.

Front passenger airbag disabled Guide

When you want to turn off the passenger-side airbag, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Stop the car and leave the engine idle

Step 2: Search for the Airbag Passenger activation/deactivation button. It can be located on the dashboard itself, in the glove box, or on the side of the dashboard so you need to open the passenger door to access the switch.

Step 3: Turn the button to turn on/off. To move the switch from one position to another, you need a special key that you insert into the switch and turn.


Step 4: Check to see if the airbag has been disabled or not. There is usually confirmation that the airbag has gone off when one of the control lights on the dashboard lights up.

However, with some car models, the airbag on/off feature will be hidden or you cannot find the button. At this point, you need to use professional software to turn off the airbag on the passenger seat. In such cases, Eurocartool experts often use Xentry software for diagnosis and Fix errors on the vehicle You can refer to the instructions here Coding SRS Airbags Warning Mercedes W164 (2007).

When does the SRS warning appear on a Mercedes?

The SRS warning appears when a problem is detected with the airbag system on a Mercedes vehicle. Some symptoms that may appear are as follows:

  • The SRS warning lights up on the screen, but when checking for errors with Xentry diagnostic software or multi-function diagnostic machines, no errors are displayed.
  • Limited error on the instrument cluster
  • 9A04 WSS component is adjusted incorrectly

The cause of the warning may be due to a problem with the vehicle’s weight sensor (WSS or control module N2/13).

To fix this error, first you need to check under the passenger seat to see if there is anything blocking movement. Then, turn on the ignition and wait a few minutes. Next, turn off the heat and turn it back on. If the warning persists, you need to use Xentry diagnostic software and Mercedes tools for Mercedes models to read and clear the error.

Note when doing Front passenger airbag disabled

Front passenger airbag disabled and some notes you need to know are as follows:

  • Some older Mercedes cars will not be equipped with this feature.
  • If not equipped with front passenger airbag enabled/disable, the airbag will always be in active state
  • If you cannot deactivate the passenger airbag, all children should sit in the back seat.


  • Remember NOT to turn off the front passenger airbag if you are using a forward-facing child seat.
  • Note, if the passenger side airbag is turned off, sometimes the passenger side electric seat belt tensioner will also be turned off.
  • Remember to reactivate the airbag when there is a passenger in the front seat

Besides front passenger airbag disabled, the Airbag is a very sensitive part and is often easily damaged, so you should consult and equip yourself with useful testing and troubleshooting knowledge such as: How To Fix The Error Of The Passenger Airbag Off Not Deploying?

Front passenger airbag disabled is necessary to ensure maximum safety in case children sit in the front. Turning on/off is very easy and you can do it yourself after our step-by-step instructions. Additionally, in case the airbag system fails and you cannot find a solution, Eurocartool experts wil assist you. Contact WhatsApp now:+13155472355 for free.