How to fix the error of the passenger airbag off not deploying?

Passenger airbags off in the event of a collision will endanger the occupants of the vehicle. There have been many cases of cars being involved in accidents but the protective passenger airbag off. This makes both the driver and passengers in the car feel anxious and insecure. In those situations, is the airbag not deploying due to non-compliance or for some other reason?

Join Eurocartool to find out the cause of the airbag not deploying in an accident and how to fix it with professional software.

How does the car airbag work and passenger airbag off?

Airbags are a part of the vehicle that protects the occupants in the event of a serious accident. In the event of a collision, the sensor system determines the severity of the impact force. The central airbag controller will then send a trigger signal to the air generator to release a large amount of air within 10-40 milliseconds, inflating the airbag, and creating an air cushion between the person and the internal hardware. It helps absorb most of the impact force.

Therefore, not all collisions can trigger the airbag system, depending on the following conditions:

  • The vehicle collided with a fixed concrete wall at a speed of 25km/h.
  • The frontal impact zone is measured from the center of the vehicle.
  • Straight into the ledge (sidewalk), the impact streak touches the entire front of the vehicle where the main beam is located.
  • The car fell into the hole and the front end hit the ledge farther away.
  • The car crashed directly into the cliff.

Therefore, it is unlikely that the bag will not work even if the front of the car is crushed if the above conditions are followed. However, in addition to following the principle of operation of the airbag, there are also reasons why the car’s airbag cannot deploy due to unintended errors that will be shared in the next section.

Why does the airbag not deploy in the event of an accident?

In most cases, our technicians have found that the most common cause of an accident where the airbag does not deploy is a faulty front sensor. Because airbags and airbag modules must always be replaced after they are deployed. However, for a used car, they may not have been replaced and therefore will not be deployed.


In addition, there are many other causes of passenger airbag off, it not working, including:

  • Power failure: The airbag is activated by an electronic system. If this system fails or loses power, the airbag will not operate.
  • Air pump failure: The air pump causes the airbag to inflate to protect the occupants from a collision. If the air pump fails, the airbag will not operate.
  • Defective airbag trigger motor: The airbag is activated by an engine. If this engine fails, the airbag will not operate.
  • Faulty wiring: If any wiring circuit is damaged or shorted, the airbag will not operate.
  • Leaving a child in an adult seat: Some advanced systems will deactivate the airbag if it detects that a child, small person, or an unoccupied person is in the front passenger seat. They can also do this if they detect someone sitting too close to the side airbag. Airbags are made with adults in mind, and they can be violent when inflated, which can be dangerous for young children.
  • Airbags on older vehicles: Airbags should be replaced after each deployment, but some used car sellers may try to reuse deployed airbags to save money. As a result, the airbag may tear or fail to inflate properly.

How to fix the passenger airbag off not working?

Prepare: To make front passenger airbag enabled Mercedes, you need to prepare Xentry diagnostic software, DTS Monaco offline coding software, C4 DOIP diagnostic device and laptop.

Steps to repair passenger airbag off error

Step 1: Connect the vehicle to the Xentry software through the C4 device
Step 2: Perform an error reading of the SRS box that identifies the SRS control box.
Connecting the SRS control box (Airbag470 in DTSmonaco software)


Step 3: Select All clear start and all clear stop


Step 4: Connecting CR61 engine control box and airbag box at the same time


Step 5: Find and select Crash signal Airbag Control Unit


Step 6: Find and select crash signal sensor


Step 7: Find and select reset irreversibel Crash Bit Start


Step 8: Find and select Crash Status from Airbag ECU


Step 9: Hardware resets and software reset


Step 10: Clear error and start the car


You can refer to a video of our passenger airbag off repair guide here:

Airbags must be rigorously tested to identify any potential problems or failures before the vehicle rolls onto the road. This helps users minimize any potential risks or unexpected car accidents. Checking the airbag sensor system with specialized software will help technicians detect it early and fix it as soon as possible.

If you have difficulties in the implementation front passenger airbag enabled process or need further advice, please contact directly via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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