GM Diagnostic Software for Laptop

GM Diagnostic Software for Laptop are specialized diagnostic software of GM vehicles that can be installed on a computer. However, each software will need a different computer configuration. Find out immediately the requirements for installation and the appropriate computers when using these software in the article below.

What is GM Diagnostic Software for Laptop?

GM Diagnostic Software are specialized software used in diagnosing GM vehicles, including main functions such as reading errors, deleting errors, reading vehicle parameters, basic settings,… Currently, there are 2 software. The most used are Tech2win and GDS2.

The main function of the two software is to diagnose, read errors, clear errors, program and activate vehicle systems, and Read VIN number, ECU part number, and software number,.
Tech2win is a support software for car models from 2014 and earlier
GDS2 supports car models from 2009 to the present.
These two software are supported in multiple languages, so it is easy to use car repair around the world


Requires laptop configuration

Each software will have its computer configuration requirements, to be able to install and use GM Diagnostic Software for Laptop, your computer needs to configure as follows:

  • Core i5 3rd generation
  • There is a 4GB RAM design or more
  • Drives with SSD 356 or higher
  • Windows 10.11″ operating system

Suggest 5 laptops work with GM Diagnostic Software for technicians

If you are a technician who has to work with high intensity and continuously, then you should be equipped with a laptop with strong configuration, impact resistance, and high-temperature resistance,… Computers Military quality is a great option for you. Here are 5 suggestions about 5 laptops that our technicians trust and use every day during car repair for customers.

DELL Rugged 7204

DELL is one of the most widely used computer companies around the world, this company produces many beautiful models suitable for each profession such as office workers, students, graphics, engineers, …
With a specific industry such as the auto repair industry, it is impossible not to mention the DELL Rugged 7204. It is fully equipped with the basic functions of a laptop required but with a solid appearance, designed. to withstand impact, it can work for many hours continuously and also in extremely hot and dusty weather.
With a price that is not too high, this is one of the best options for you.


DELL Rugged 7404

The DELL Rugged 7404 can be considered a brother to the DELL Rugged 7204, it has the outstanding advantages of the DELL series. With a unique design, you can easily adjust the screen to your liking. Rugged design that can be carried around for easy repair. The DELL Rugged 7404 is designed with high-strength, impact-resistant materials such as magnesium alloys and polymers. The screen brightness reaches 1,000 nits, so this laptop can be used in any environment.
With a slightly higher price than its brother DELL Rugged 7204, but not too high compared to the market. You can also choose this machine to become a companion to help you repair cars.


DELL Rugged 5424Dell-latitude-5424-rugged-3

The DELL Rugged 5424 is designed with 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ Processors for high processing performance. The laptop is sun-resistant, designed with a 14″ FHD multi-touch screen that can be viewed outdoors with up to 1000 nit brightness. It can work with all the diagnostic software of the car manufacturers currently on the market. It comes pre-installed with Windows 11 or Windows 10, you will easily install GM Diagnostic Software for Laptop

Panasonic CF-19

In addition to DELL, Panasonic is also one of the manufacturers of military-quality computers used by many technicians in the world today.
With Intel Core i5-3320M 2.0 Ghz processor design (3Mb Cache, Tubo 3.0 Ghz), RAM: 8GB DDRam III and standard appearance, Panasonic CF-19 is the right machine for your needs. In addition, it has a fairly compact design and an affordable price, which will be a great choice for you


Panasonic CF-54

Not only CF19, Panasonic also has many other models such as CF-53, CF-D1, CF-54. Which CF-54 is the model that Eurocartool recommends you use. Like the DELL Rugged 5424, the Panasonic CF-54 is designed with a full HD display that can be compatible with all current specialized software including PIWIS software for Porsche.
Therefore, its price will also be higher than the Panasonic CF19, but if you are a professional technician who has to repair many car models, you should choose this machine.

panasonic cf 54 5

Above is information about GM Diagnostic Software for Laptop, and we have also suggested laptops you canchoose choose to use.If you have any questions, contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 for timely advice and support.

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