How To Disable a Seat Belt Alarm on new Mercedes? The seat belt warning displayed on the Mercedes screen appears when the driver has not fastened his seat belt. However, in many cases, users have installed the wire, but this warning does not disappear. This makes the driver distracted and annoyed. So how to disable a seat belt alarm? See now in the article below.

Wearing seat belts ensures our bodies are secured in the driver’s seat in the event of an accident. And Mercedes models will sound a warning along with a display light on the center console in case you forget to fasten your seat belt while driving.


However, the belt system can malfunction due to an electrical system failure after a period of use, resulting in a warning bell that rings continuously and the display light on the center meter causing discomfort to the driver. 

Why Seatbelt Warning Light On?

The seat belt warning light on Mercedes will appear on the dashboard when someone is sitting in the seat without wearing a seat belt. The flashing light is accompanied by a beeping reminder. It is usually triggered by the weight on the vehicle’s seat.
Some common reasons why this light appears are: The seat belt is not tightened, the weight sensor on the seat, the connection is faulty, the seat belt buckle is broken. Many people also don’t like the sound this warning makes and find ways to turn it off.

Equipment and software to be prepared for disable seatbelt alarm

Below are the software and devices you need to prepare to disable seat light on dashboard

  • Software: you will need to use specialized software to re-code the control box of the seat belt system. Here we will use Xentry and DTS Monaco (you will need to add Seedkey Vediamo to unlock ECU if using Vediamo software)
  • Connecting device : Mercedes C4 – this is a device for diagnostics, encryption, programming, reading, and clearing errors,… win for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

How to disable a seat belt alarm?

After fully preparing the software and equipment, we will proceed with the following steps :

Step 1: Connect the vehicle’s ECU to the software on the computer. 

Step 2: Define the control box name in Instrument Cluster (IC_204, IC_212, IC_222….) in Xentry software.

Step 3: Open DTS Monaco software and select the item MBCar_MBVan_SMR_DiagnosticCAN_V_02_05


Step 4: Connect the IC_213 control box in the Variant coding section


Step 5: In the Domain select Country coding Write


Step 6: Find the Gurtwarnung(Belt_Warning_Type) item


Step 7: Change the status from “nach USA NCAP” to “entsprechend Konfiguration”


Step 8: Conduct coding 



Step 9: Reset the ECU and wait for about 15 seconds and then check the central dashboard to see if the error has been fixed.


Just now is the guide on how to disable seatbelt alarm that Eurocartool has shared with everyone.

However, we do not recommend technicians who have never worked with the vehicle’s ECU system. Just a small error in the steps, there will be a serious error that directly affects the operation of the vehicle system. With a team of software technicians with many years of experience, they are always ready to assist you in handling highly difficult professional problems. You can Contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355

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