How to reset Airmatic Suspension on Mercedes W205?

Airmatic suspension malfunction is one of the damages that can directly endanger the safety of the people in the vehicle. To avoid bad cases during operation, the Eurocartool team will support you to check and handle this error in the article below.

What is Mercedes Airmatic suspension?

This system basically includes front and rear air suspension tubes, an air compressor, a central air tank, and a control module. Airmatic’s mission is to keep the car stable even on the bumpiest roads, by absorbing shocks and bumps, providing comfort from the driving experience to the smoothness of the passengers and the whole age.


Airmatic malfunction

The easiest sign is that you will see that your car will be lower than normal and on the central dashboard there will be an error message displayed.


There are many causes of problems on Mercedes airmatic suspension:

  • Defective strut
  • AirMatic Compressor broken
  • The relay or fuse of the air suspension system burnt
  • air divider valve
  • Failure of Airmatic control module
  • …..

In this writing, we will show you how to reset airmatic suspension? You can buy at our website or message via Whatsapp for advice.

How to reset Airmatic Mercedes? 

Requires Mercedes air suspension reset tool

To fix this error, you need to prepare:

  • DTS Monaco coding software. This is specialized software used to program and re-code the ECU on the vehicle system.
  • Connecting device: Mercedes C4 DOIP – this is a diagnostic, coding, programming, reading and debugging device,… for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. (this device is required)

If you don’t have enough software or equipment, 

Mercedes air suspension reset steps 

After preparing the necessary software and equipment. We will proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Connect the Xentry diagnostic software on the computer to the vehicle and identify the Airmatic control module as the SPC222 module

identify the ECU box that controls the Airmatic

Step 2: Run the DTS Monaco software and connect to the SPC222 module


Step 3: Run file SMR-F for reprograming module SPC222


Step 4: Re-code the ECU SPC222


Step 5: Check the system again on Xentry

Recheck the sensors with Xentry software

Step 6: Test drive the car to check if the system is working properly or not.

Above are the steps to reset the Airmatic with coding software. However, these operations require users who have a lot of experience in using coding software with absolute precision. If you are inexperienced in this, we are happy to support remote coding with a team of professional technicians. Contact us immediately to minimize the risks encountered.

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If you do not have experience in coding and programming for vehicle models. You can contact us for advice and support. Eurocartool provides remote technical support services to help you save time and money.

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