How to fix HDC Fault System Not Available Land Rover?

The HDC Fault System Not Available warning appears that the vehicle’s brake system is having problems. HDC errors are related to other mechanical problems in the vehicle and require immediate action when a problem is detected. The technical experts from Eurocartool will provide the identification signs and extremely effective solutions right in the article below.

What is HDC Fault System Not Available?

HCD is the Hill Descent Control system equipped on cars to help control the vehicle’s speed when going downhill to limit brake loss. The way this system works is to use the anti-lock braking system to control the speed of each wheel during downhill. Since then the driver does not need to perform any braking action when driving downhill in rough terrain.

If the control center detects a problem in the HDC system, immediately the HDC Fault System Not Available warning appears, along with the HDC support will gradually disappear. At this time, the electronic system of traction control and anti-lock braking (ABS) will be disabled, making it more difficult for the driver to control the steering wheel and brake when going downhill..

This can be dangerous and lead to an accident when you are driving downhill. If you’re experiencing any problems with your HDC or ABS systems, they need to be fixed right away.

What causes the DHC system to fail?

The problems that can cause the HDC system to fail often stem from the mechanical components.

  • Power: The downhill assist system will issue an unavailable warning if the battery cannot supply enough charge for it to start.
  • Other electronic problems: Power from a damaged generator, blown fuse, poor wiring, or malfunctioning software will not be able to provide the power needed for the HDC system to function.
  • Faulty brake system: HDC works in conjunction with ABS to control usability and brake release when going downhill. When the brake system fails, the HDC system also cannot operate.


Signs of a faulty HDC system

Here are some signs of errors on the HDC system compiled by our experts:

  • Anti-lock brake control panel light is on: Since the HDC system is linked to the ABS system, a warning light can be activated if the control center notices a problem.
  • HDC Fault System Not Available: This warning message means that a problem has been detected with the system.
  • HDC Not Available in This Gear: Warning that downshift is required to activate the HDC system.
  • HDC Not Available: Speed ​​Too High: Warning need to slow down to activate the HDC system

If the above HDC Fault System Not Available warning appears but you have not identified the error code and its location, you can use specialized diagnostic software for JLR models such as Pathfinder or SDD to determine the error that the vehicle is experiencing


How to fix HDC Fault System Not Available error?

According to our vehicle repair experience, the HDC system is very sensitive to power. So just replace the battery or double check the power and generator connections to find potential problems.
Also, not all HDC-related error messages mean that the system is faulty, but rather just a warning for you to follow the instructions. Try one of these quick fixes.

  • Shifting: Make sure the vehicle is in low gear before the HDC system works. If you see the error message “HDC Not Available in This Gear” try going to a lower number.
  • Slow down: The downhill system will only work when you are driving below 31 mph. If you see the error message “HDC Not Available: Speed ​​Too High”, slow down. If you run above 50 mph, the system will shut down completely.
  • Brake cooling: The HDC system works with the ABS system. Since they work in tandem, the HDC system won’t work if the brakes get too hot. If you see the error message “System cooling”, wait for the brakes to cool down. The system will not operate until the brake system has reached normal operating temperature.

You can refer to specialized software and diagnostic equipment for Jaguar Land Rover models on JLR Tool. They will make your repair process easier.

In addition to the remedies we mentioned above, you should regularly perform regular maintenance to help prolong the life of your HDC system. If you have tried the above methods and the problem has not been resolved, you should consult the advice of experts Eurocartool by contacting us via WhatsApp: +13155472355

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