How to use Mercedes DAS Diagnosis software?

Mercedes DAS diagnosis is used for reprogramming, configuration, initialization, fault diagnosis and guided diagnostic tests for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. However, many people had difficulty using Xentry DAS to diagnose vehicles before 2007. The following article will provide detailed steps to repair old cars with DAS Xentry performed by specialized technicians from Eurocartool please!

What is Mercedes DAS?

Xentry DAS Diagnosis is specialized software for Mercedes vehicles. Their main features include reprogramming, configuration, initialization, fault diagnosis and guided diagnostic tests. In addition, the software can show the location of the faulty part on the vehicle, look up the electrical circuit and have the operating parameters of the sensors to help the technician compare more intuitively.

Das software is specialized diagnostic software for old Mercedes models from 2010 and earlier. Currently this software has changed its name to Xentry diagnostic for vehicles from 2010 to present.


Instructions for using Xentry DAS Diagnosis to repair old Mercedes cars

Before using Mercedes DAS Xentry software, you need to prepare

  • Mercedes-Benz diagnostic equipment (In this article we use SD Connect C4 DOIP device)
  • Laptop diagnostic with a serial port RS232 to connect the Multiplexer and run the Xentry software

Step 1: Start Xentry software

Step 2: Choose a car model



Step 3: Next, open the Mercedes DAS software, the Xentry DAS software interface will have the form:

Here you can perform diagnostics, readings, clearing errors for any system including AirMatic, AirBag, SRS, EIS, Transmission, ETS, BAS and all control modules.


Step 4: Press F9 to erase fault memory



Error code detection


Step 5: “Press “Continue process”
Press F3 to remove Fault


The specific operation steps will be described in detail in the video below:

The video is compiled and performed by experienced Eurocartool technicians and is an extremely useful document for you.

From the step-by-step instructions for using Xentry DAS software to repair old cars described in detail in the above article, you can do it yourself simply. However, for those who do not have experience in installing software, it is easy to make mistakes that affect the operation process. So contact us for a free consultation via WhatsApp: +13155472355. Our team of seasoned technicians is ready to assist you 24/7.

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