Hill start assist not available is one of the errors quite serious on the car system and trouble when you are climbing uphill and encounter an obstacle that is forced to stop. In the case of parking on a slope but the feature does not work, your vehicle may lose its ability to grip the road leading to a skid situation, endangering the people on the vehicle and the vehicles behind!!

What is hill start assist?

The hill start assist system is a valuable and practical feature in the car. It gives you a sense of security and you can drive comfortably on steep terrains without worrying that your car might skid for any second if you stop on the ramp. This feature is included in the SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) system, which is the name of an innovative electronically controlled brake system that Mercedes-Benz developed and equipped on some models in 2001.


What does hill start assist not available mean?

At this time, the Hill start assist feature has encountered a problem resulting in inoperability. The main cause of the above phenomenon is almost always faulty sensors or faulty control box software.

When this feature crashes, you will see the hill start assist light showing a warning light. How to handle this situation?

Next, we will come to the most important part of the article, which is the preparation step and the coding step with DTS Monaco software.


Causes of the hill start assist system stops working

After receiving information from car owners about this error, the technician checked and found that the basic causes for this condition to occur are as follows:

  • ABS sensor problem: The ABS system is broken, you need to replace the sensor
  • Electronic Stability Control esc (ESC) and Traction Control system (TC) are off
  • System problem: This is the most common cause, what you have to do is read the error and re-code it
  • Brake light problem: Due to HSA pressure on the brakes, It causes a problem with the brake light.

How to fix hill start assist not available?

You need a machine and an OBD II diagnostic device to diagnose where the fault is. With Mercedes you can use the Xentry software, the C4 device.

This is one of the important steps, you need to fully meet the requirements below to proceed to intervene in the SBC system control box.

Specialized software for coding and programming for Mercedes: DTS Monaco

In-depth diagnostic support for Mercedes: C4

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Steps to code in DTS Monaco

The repair hill start assist problem steps below are performed by experienced technicians from Eurocartool. If you do not have enough equipment or do not have the experience to repair hill start assist not available Mercedes , please contact our technician for remote support.

After read hill start assist not available error on Xentry. Following are the steps to operate on DTS Monaco software:
Step 1: Connect Xentry software to the vehicle and identify the SBC system control box named ESP9MFA.
Step 2: Open DTS Monaco software and connect ESP9MFA


Step 3: in Domain select [002], next in Internal Coding change Hold from “nein” to “ja”


Step 4: Conduct coding


Step 5: Reset the control box and see the results after the operation


You can watch a lot of video manuals on our youtube channel: Car Diagnostic Software

Now, the operations to re-code the SBC system with the DTS Monaco software that Eurocartool has synthesized.

Note: we do not encourage you to do operations like coding or programming yourself because these are operations that need high precision. Just a small error can lead to falsifying the sensor’s readings, if it’s mild, it will cause errors in the systems, if you make a serious mistake, you can pay up to hundreds or even of thousand dollars.

To save you time and avoid unfortunate consequences, Eurocartool is always ready to provide you with 24/7 remote technical support with a software engineering team with many years of experience in troubleshooting systems on the ground convenient. Please contact us via WhatsApp at +1-848-294-6626

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