How to fix Map DVD read error on Mercedes W204?

If one day when you start the Mercedes W204, Map DVD read error and the control screen displays the error “Map data doesn’t match command. Please Insert the map data DVD with the correct map material” then don’t worry, Eurocartool will guide you how to fix the Map DVD read error in the article below.

Signs of Map DVD read error identification

When the vehicle’s control screen displays the message “Map data doesn’t match the command. Please Insert the map data DVD with the correct map material” proves that your car is having problems with connection, data errors or lost data.
The cause of this error is that the Radio has been replaced or the DVD is faulty, causing the Map to not match the command.
To resolve this display error, you need to reprogram the Radio so it can work properly.


Instructions for fixing error Map data doesn’t match command on Mercedes W204

To be able to fix this display error, you will need the necessary software and equipment. Below are the equipment you need to prepare.

Requires laptop and equipment

The first thing you need to do is prepare the following software and equipment:

  • Xentry Diagnostic software
  • Mercedes Benz Download Manager Comand Hard-disc navigation
  • SDsandisk, USB 32G or 64G depending on the area you want to update
  • C4 Doip ( You can use any device capable of working with specialized Mercedes software)
  • Laptop: Win10, minimum RAM 4GB, free memory 150G

You can refer to computer modelsPanasonic CF19, Panasonic CF53,… These computer models can withstand impact, have good heat dissipation, are water and grease resistant, and have a battery life of up to 4 hours.

Repair Map data doesn’t match command instructions

Step 1: Connect the car to the computer using the C4 Doip device
Step 2: After connecting, start reading errors on the Xentry software
Step 3: Delete data map in hu control unit
Step 4: Use Mercedes Benz Download Manager COMAND Hard-disc navigation to download map according to needed area and copy data to SDsandisk
Step 5: Connect SDsandisk to the car


Step 6: Fill in the key map and wait until it reports success


Step 7: Check again, if the error has been corrected, the control screen will lose the error message and display the map


This is the result when you update successfully


Above are the fix Map DVD read error steps we have shown you how to fix the map Data doesn’t match command error. If you do not have one of the software or devices to repair, we can help you remotely via Teamviewer. If you are interested in Mercedes products, you can refer to our booth

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