How to fix N93 Central Gateway Control unit error W204 C250?

N93 Central Gateway Control unit error will cause communication difficulties between ECUs via CGW. If when diagnosing you encounter this error, you can see the repair steps instructions below. In this article, we will guide you through the most detailed steps to fix this error.

What is Central Gateway Control unit CGW ?

Centrel Gateway Control (CGW) is a controller that helps provide communication and information exchange between electronic control units (ECUs) together. It allows access to vehicle data for diagnostics (OBD) of vehicle systems. Helps detect errors/conditions the vehicle is experiencing to quickly come up with repair plans.

When Error N93 Central Gateway Control appears, it is most likely caused by the USB adapter plug/cable. Due to disconnection/reconnection of main battery or due to obd adapter plug on some scanners. In addition, it is possible that there is a problem with the vehicle’s system that has activated the protection system to report a box disconnection error, causing this error to occur.

To check the location of the module you can use the WIS/ARSA Mercedes lookup software.

How to fix N93 Central Gateway Control unit Mercedes?

When using Xentry software to diagnose the vehicle system, an error code is detected as shown in the image below.

  • Displayed on xentry software
  • Error Code: N93 – Cental gateway (CGW [ZGM])

Use-xentry-to -read-n93-central-gateway-control-error

Once you’ve diagnosed your vehicle’s fault code, you need equipment and software to clear the fault. You can see the detailed central gateway control module steps repair in the description below.

Equipment and software to prepare

To be able to perform encoding and reprogramming N93 Central Gateway Control unit error, you need to prepare a computer with appropriate configuration, supporting software, and connecting devices.
With Mercedes cars, you need to prepare the following equipment and software:

  • Xentry diagnostic software
  • DTS Moncao software
  • Connecting device C4
  • Diagnostic laptop (I5 generation 3, Ram 4GB or more, Hard drive SSD256 or more, Windows 10 or 11)

How to fix Variante N93 CGW w204 C250?

Here are the steps to fix the N93 Central Gateway Control unit error, you can refer to:

Step 1: Park the car to prepare to repair

Step 2: Connect the device to the vehicle to proceed to repair the startup N93 CGW error

Connect the device to the computer then connect the diagnostic device to the vehicle’s OBD2 port.

Connect Mercedes diagnostic device

Step 3: Diagnose the whole vehicle and read the fault code


Step 4: Check for errors on Xentry software

Clearly displayed information Model, Part number, Supplier, Version

Step 5: Use DTS monaco software to flash


Connect the headunit module in DTS monaco
Add pin and confirm pincode in DTs software


Step 6: Quick test on DTS Monaco


Step 7: Choose CGW ECU


Step 8: Choose function => click to Hard reset


Step 9: Click to “Diagnostic trouble code” => Read ECU


Step 10: After Diagnostic trouble code, choose “Quick test” and click Start to read status of ECU CGW 212



Step 11: In “Variant coding” function, choose ECU, and connect


Coding process


Step 12: Open Xentry software. diagnostic and clear fault code



You can watch more video ZGM central gateway control module repair tutorial here:

Some note when repair Variante N93 CGW unit w204 C250

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