How to fix P0700 code transmission control system?

P0700 code transmission control system is known as an error code in the gearbox and has a serious impact on the vehicle’s movement. Unfortunately, this error is very common and often appears on cars after you notice some characteristic signs on the car. All basic information and how to fix error P0700 will be shared by Eurocartool experts in the article below.

What is the P0700 code transmission control system?

P0700 code is an OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC P0700) defined as “Transmission control system malfunction”.


This trouble code is triggered when the vehicle’s Transmission Control Module (TCM) detects a problem with the automatic transmission. When this occurs, a Malfunction Indicator Light request (MIL request) will be sent and the check engine light will be turned on.

No matter what type of car you have, TCM is very important for automatic transmissions. TCM monitors sensors and actuators (such as throttle position sensor, engine speed sensor, and output shaft speed sensor) associated with the vehicle’s automatic transmission.

The TCM continuously communicates with the Engine Control Module (ECM) and Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to perform gear changes as needed. When the control modules detect a problem with the transmission, they trigger code P0700.

Note: P0700 code error provides general information only. To identify a specific error in the transmission control system, it is necessary to conduct a more detailed diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of P0700 code?

How to know if the vehicle’s condition is having serious problems when there is error P070 is a question that many of you are interested in. To know the answer, please refer to some common symptoms compiled by Eurocartool experts.

  • The Check engine light lights up
  • Decreased transmission performance
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Gear change time is delayed
  • Red/brown/black fluid leaking or a burning smell from the transmission side

Note that you may experience some error symptoms or none at all. In the latter case, the error code will be detected after diagnosis using specialized equipment.


Cause of error P0700

Error Problems with the gearbox control system can come from many different causes. And below are some of the most common causes we have listed:

  • Gearbox oil level is low or dirty
  • TCM connector is defective
  • There is a problem with the electrical wiring system
  • The transmission control module (TCM) is dirty or clogged
  • Solenoid valve is defective
  • The clutch is not operating properly
  • The engine coolant sensor is broken


How to fix P0700 code?

To diagnose this P0700 code accurately, you will need to use a scanner, a volt/ohm/amp meter (multi-meter), and possibly a wiring diagram. First, you need to test the vehicle on the road to verify problems and collect data.

Some DTC code readers only provide general error codes and not specific error codes for subgroups. You may need to prepare professional software and equipment to read error codes of the vehicle’s subsystems.

First, try clearing the error code. Before erasing, record all existing error codes, take a snapshot of any data about to be erased, and information from the first road test. If the fault code is cleared and does not return during the final line test, it is possible that the fault code was set due to an anomaly or malfunction such as a stuck solenoid, valve or reading sensor not working properly. Studying the freeze frame data can provide insight into the conditions under which the error code is set.

If the fault code comes back immediately or comes back consistently during road tests, you will need to thoroughly check the circuit associated with the fault code. This may require access to components inside the transmission as some coils and connectors are only accessible with the transmission oil pan removed.

In general, there will be a number of ways to fix the error including:

  • Clear DTC codes
  • Check transmission fluid level/condition
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Replace or repair the wire or sensor
  • Replace TCM
  • Replace the gearbox

You can refer to the article How To Program Transmission Control Module New VGS W204 for Mercedes for detailed instructions on how to fix it using software.

Thus, detailed information about error P0700 has been provided in detail in this article. If you’re trying to fix it but it’s not getting the results you want, you may have made a mistake along the way. Contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 to receive direct support from Eurocartool experts.

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