How to turn off air recirculation in car W205?

Most of today’s cars have air recirculation air functions which take outside air and inside air modes. However, there are also many disadvantages to using this mode, so how to turn off air recirculation in car? Take a look at the detailed instructions in the article below.

What is Mercedes Air Recirculation?

Mercedes is a luxury car, so in every design, we want to bring great experiences to customers, including Air Recirculation mode.
Air Recirculation is the air filter mode of the car’s air conditioner, helping to circulate air to bring comfort to the occupants.


Mercedes Air Recirculation has two modes to use:

  • Get outside air: In this mode, the air conditioning system will take air from the outside of the car, go through the filter system to trap dirt and then put it to cool inside the car. In places with fresh air, such as the seaside, use this mode to create a flow of fresh air in the vehicle.
  • Get inside air: Use air circulation inside the car to cool. This mode helps the car cool down faster and reduce fuel consumption.

So what is Outside air mode? Why do you need to disable this mode? See why and how to turn off air recirculation in car below

Why turn off outside air on Mercedes Air Recirculation mode?

The mode of taking air outside the car is External air intake mode uses air from outside the vehicle to pass through the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system to cool and ventilate the vehicle. The wind coming from outside into the car is filtered dust and moisture through an air filter.

The advantage of this mode is to help air exchange between the inside of the car and the outside of the car, making the car more airy and comfortable.
However, this mode also has disadvantages that cause many car owners to request to turn off this mode such as:

  • The external air intake mode only filters dust and does not filter odors, so when going through smoky or polluted areas, the occupants of the car can also smell those odors, causing a lot of inconvenience.
  • Using the internal air intake mode, the air conditioning system will consume more fuel than the outside air intake mode, especially in hot weather because of the temperature difference between outside and inside the car, making it difficult to operate. consumes more fuel in cooling.
  • When parking, you should not leave the mode to take the outside air because it can accumulate CO gas, causing a feeling of drowsiness, sometimes poisoning.

In Mercedes models, the car usually defaults to the external air intake mode, if it is adjusted to the internal air intake mode, it will also be automatically turned back 30 minutes later, which causes a lot of trouble for the driver.
So how to turn off air recirculation in car? Please see detailed instructions for technicians to use the software to repair vehicles in the section below.

How to turn off air recirculation in car in car?

Because of such annoyances, today Eurocartool will show you How to turn off air recirculation in car by software. Please follow these steps:
Before accessing Vediamo software for coding, you need to read the error on Xentry diagnostic software to determine exactly what error you are encountering.

Step 1: Choose ECU “HVAC 222” and enter connect
Step 2: Initiate ECU contact
Step 3: Generic Jobs/ DJ_Security Access: click on it (status: DJ_Security Access:eALL_POSITIVE )
Step 4: Variant Coding
Step 5: Choose Service: (1002) Comfort coding Write
Step 6: Click to Manual Air Recirculation
Step 7: Change to: “Manual air recirculation unlimited time”


Step 8: Var 2A>>2B
Step 9: Code ECU
Step 10: Stop ECU contact
Step 11: Check Air Condition system again

If you do not have diagnostic and programming software, you can refer to the Mercedes diagnostic software package that includes all Mercedes-Benz specialized software such as Xentry, Vediamo, DTS Monaco, EPC, WIS/ARSA,…

Here are the steps Eurocartool guided you How to turn off air recirculation in car? You can bring to the professional Garage to be able to repair quickly or contact us for remote repair support. If there are any difficulties during the repair process, contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355for advice and support 24/7.

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