Mercedes TPMS reset and frequently asked questions

If you see the TPMS warning light on, it means your tire pressure is bad. So how to turn it off? Referenceright Mercedes TPMS reset steps below. We will help you answer your questions about this.

Why does the Mercedes TPMS sensor warning light?

Mercedes TPMS sensor is a system that checks the car’s tire pressure in real-time, if your tire pressure has problems it will display a message on the dashboard.

Currently, most Mercedes models are equipped with this system, it will help drive safely, less tire wear, save fuel,… However, in some situations, Mercedes TPMS gives a warning, and should be checked and repaired immediately.

The main reason your TPMS warning light is on is that the air pressure in your tires is too low and needs to be checked. However, there are also some other causes that lead to the warning light appearing such as damaged battery in the sensor, corrosion in the valve body, sensor error, …


Symptoms of Mercedes tire pressure sensor problems that you will often encounter on the dashboard:

  • Warning lights appear on the control panel
  • After performing the reset, the warning light is still on
  • All loops pressure indicator lights are on
  • The warning light is on-off continuously.

So how to turn off the warning light, see the Mercedes TPMS reset steps in the section below.

Mercedes TPMS reset Steps

Before performing the Mercedes TPMS reset, you need to check the tires, inflate the tires and check if the TPMS is off. If it is necessary to replace the TPMS, then replace the TPMS and then perform the reset steps as below:

  1. Inflate all tires
  2. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and the engine OFF.
  3. Press the forward/reverse button on the steering wheel until the odometer and distance are displayed.
  4. Press the UP/DOWN button until the tire pressure display is displayed on the display.
  5. Press and hold the reset button until the words “MONITOR CURRRENT TIRE PRESURE” appear
    – If REACTIVATE-TIRE PRESS DISPLAY appears, repeat the relearning process.
    – If TIRE PRESSURE-CHECK TIRES! appears, tire pressure is too low. Adjust the pressure accordingly and relearn the program.
  7. Inflate all tires to the pressure indicated on the tire sign.
  8. Drive for at least 10 minutes at 15 mph or more. All sensor IDs will be memorized automatically.


Mercedes TPMS reset and some frequently asked questions

After performing the above step but Mercedes tire pressure warning keeps coming on, what to do?
If the Mercedes tire pressure warning keeps coming on, you can use diagnostic software to read the error in depth and proceed to clear the error.
You can refer to the instructions to disable the Mercedes TPMS by Mercedes diagnostic software in the following article: How To Disable TPMS W207 W204 W212…

How to reset tyre pressure on Mercedes c class 2008?
With a number of car models such as A Class, B Class, C Class, CL Class, CLA Class, CLK Class, CLS Class, E Class, G Class, GL Class, GLA Class,…you can completely follow them. steps above.

Can car owners manually reset Mercedes TPMS?
You can completely reset the TPMS, however, if you need to replace the TPMS or after the reset the warning light does not turn off, you should go to the garage to have a technician read the error of the vehicle and conduct repair and maintenance.

How to know if the TPMS sensor is faulty?
The most recognizable signs when your Mercedes TPMS is faulty are:

  • Warning lights appear on the control panel
  • After performing the reset, the warning light is still on
  • All lopps pressure indicator lights are on
  • The warning light is on-off continuously.

What factors affect TPMS?

Tire pressure can be affected by many factors such as weather, driving habits, and roads.

  • Weather: This is a factor that greatly affects the TPMS, reducing the temperature will cause the tire pressure to decrease and vice versa.
  • Driving habits: Each person has a different driving habit such as fast speed, fast braking, … this heats up the tires and causes the tire pressure to increase.
  • Roads: Depending on the terrain, there are beautiful roads and bad roads that will affect the tires.

Above is information about Mercedes TPMS reset and frequently asked questions, hope to answer your questions. In addition, Eurocartool provides remote technical support to save you time and money.
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