How to turn off the Mercedes tire pressure light?

When the Mercedes Tire Pressure indicator lights up on the taplo screen, what do you need to do? This is a common error on modern cars and this warning light often makes mistakes that make drivers feel anxious. But first, you should clearly understand the information related to the TPMS warning lights provided by Eurocartool in detail in the article below.

What is Mercedes tire pressure?

Mercedes tire pressure also known as Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) is a system that warns of problems related to the air pressure of car tires. The system will activate an error light if the tire pressure drops by 25%, to warn you that you need more inflation.

In addition, TPMS also has the following roles:

  • Extend the life of car tires
  • Limit the risk of a tire explosion
  • Limit the amount of CO2 in the environment.

However, the wheel pressure indicator light has the disadvantage of only letting the user know that the wheel is having low pressure, but not clearly indicating which wheel the problem is happening. Therefore, when it comes to fixing a fault, it takes technicians a long time to find out exactly where the broken wheel is.

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Signs of faulty Tire Pressure Mercedes lights

Currently, TPMS systems are equipped on most luxury car systems and they help users quickly identify tire pressure problems. However, when this system fails, it will manifest mainly as the warning light on the taplo blinking continuously even when there is no problem. Detail:

  • There are warnings that are given even if there is no such problem: a warning that indicates that one of your tires has an air pressure problem (non-standard pressure) when in reality there is no such problem.
  • Tire has been changed but the warning light shows that the tire is flat.

The main reason is due to:

  • There is a problem with the TPMS sensor or self-diagnostic system, causing the TPMS to not work properly.
  • The wheel pressure indicator light may also come back on if air is still leaking from the pumped wheel. You can test this air leak with soap bubbles to locate the puncture.
  • In the case of new tires being changed, the warning light may be floating because the TPMS has not been installed correctly. Each wheel pressure sensor will have its own signal, if you set it wrong, the control system will report an error.


How to turn off the Mercedes tire pressure warning light?

The issue of incorrect tire pressure warning leads to vehicle users feeling anxious, distracted while driving and can cause unwanted accidents. Or more seriously, if your tires have a problem while Tire Pressure Mercedes fails, you don’t know how to fix it in time. As a result, the vehicle may lose control due to a rapid decrease in wheel pressure, due to a puncture of the wheel, which reduces traction, causing the vehicle to lose control. This will be very dangerous to the driver and other people in the vehicle.

Depending on the vehicle model, you can remove this pressure indicator light by pressing the button on the meter or turning off the key, in some other cars, the TPMS light will automatically turn off when the vehicle is driven a few kilometers.

When you encounter this warning, you just need to inflate the tires and the warning will go off. However, if you’ve done that and the warning hasn’t turned off, you can do it in one of the following ways:

  1. Driving at 50 km/h or more, after 10 minutes the sensor will be reset. The next time you start the car you will see this warning disappear.
  2. When the vehicle is off, turn the key to the “ON” position (do not start the vehicle). Press and hold the TPMS reset button until the indicator light flashes three times then release. Then start the car, wait for the sensor to refresh after 20 minutes.
  3. Inflate all tires to 3 PSI above recommended level, then completely deflate all of them. Finally refill to the recommended level.

Or you can use the diagnostic machine to reset them. In most cases, technicians can only disable the Tire Pressure Mercedes warning light using professional Mercedes diagnostic software and equipment such as Xentry diagnostic software, SD connect C4 DOIP.

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