Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings


Memorizing the Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings on the dashboard becomes more difficult as there are more and more different types of lights. Therefore, remembering signs selectively will help you recognize and act promptly. Eurocartool experts will share with you a list of the most popular signs today in the article below.

 Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings colors

Although there are many different warning lights, they will be regulated by specific colors. Each color will indicate the status of the problem from low to high. Specifically Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings color:

  • Green: the system is operating normally or is currently in use
  • Yellow: something is wrong – be extra careful and get it checked as soon as possible
  • Red: there is a serious problem and can be dangerous – stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so

What are the symbols on a Mercedes-benz dashboard?

Normally, warning lights appearing on the dashboard will display common and highly urgent issues on the vehicle, requiring the driver to take timely corrective action. However, not all errors will be warned by lights but will be hidden. Only when using software or professional error reading equipment can you know what the warning error is.

These errors, if not detected promptly, will cause the vehicle’s control system to malfunction and seriously affect the operation of vehicle components as well as driver safety. Therefore, understanding Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings is very important during the process of using and repairing the vehicle.

Therefore, in addition to detecting a bright warning light on the screen, you should use other support tools to check the entire vehicle to clear errors promptly. Some tools that Eurocartool experts often use include:Mercedes Tool, VAG group tool, BMW tool, JLR tool, Ford tool,…

There are the following types of warning lights:


To make it easier to remember, we will provide you with Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings of warning lights, including:

Mercedes-Benz handbrake and brake lights
When you see this light appear, it means the brake fluid level is low. The light can light up at any time, such as when you fully release the handbrake or are driving, etc. In this case, check the vehicle’s brake fluid level to refill it. Or take it to a professional garage to have the oil checked and replaced.

In case the ABS warning light lights up at the same time, this indicates that the brake system has had a serious problem and you cannot use the brakes normally. Stop using the vehicle and take it to the nearest repair place.


Mercedes-Benz check engine warning light

The check engine light means the engine is not operating properly, such as lacking power or stuttering when you press the accelerator.
In addition to warning of engine damage, this warning light also shows other problems that exist on the vehicle such as a broken sensor, an inoperative emissions control system, or a problem with the catalytic converter.


Mercedes-Benz power steering warning light
This warning light indicates a problem with the power steering.This problem can be resolved simply by restarting the engine. Park the car in a convenient location, turn it off and on again after 30 seconds to allow the power steering to adjust. If the light is still on, seek professional repair as soon as possible.


Mercedes-Benz exhaust filter warning light (diesel engine).
Exhaust filters help remove harmful soot from exhaust gases. This warning indicates that the filter is clogged because there is too much soot that has not been cleaned


Mercedes-Benz diesel / AdBlue® warning light
The Adblue light turns yellow which means the diesel engine’s exhaust fluid level is low. Your engine will not be able to start if this situation continues.


Mercedes-Benz coolant level warning light
Coolant helps disperse and dissipate engine heat. The yellow warning light comes on to indicate that the coolant level is low and you need to refill it.


Mercedes-Benz engine overheat warning light
This is a more severe level of low engine coolant level warning. In this case the coolant is at a very low level or there is a system leak or there could be a bigger problem such as broken oil gasket,…


Mercedes-Benz engine low oil warning light
Oil temperature level is too high or oil pressure is too low. If not corrected quickly, this error can lead to more serious or even irreparable motor damage.


Mercedes-Benz low tire pressure warning light
The warning light shows that tire pressure is decreasing. The cause may be due to long use and not refilling the tire or the tire is punctured.


Mercedes-Benz battery charging warning light
While driving, this warning light lights up, which means the battery is not charging. This could be due to a problem with the car’s electrical system, a faulty alternator, a poor electrical connection or damaged cables.


Mercedes-Benz anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light
The ABS light lights up to warn that the safety braking feature is having problems. If the condition persists, the brakes will lose effectiveness when you need to stop suddenly or in difficult driving conditions such as icy roads.


Mercedes-Benz brake pad wear warning light
If this light comes on, the sensor has detected that your brake pads are too thin


Mercedes-Benz electronic stability control (ESP) warning light
A flashing light means the ESP system is intervening to help the car maintain balance when driving on slippery roads. If the light stays on, it means the ESP system is not working properly.


Mercedes-Benz airbag / supplemental restraint system (SRS) warning light
At this time, at least one part of the airbag safety system is not working correctly. Or maybe the front passenger airbag is malfunctioning, the seat belt tightening system is not working,…


BAS/ESP system indicator light
The light comes on when the BAS/ESP system has a problem.


How to diagnose vehicle systems?

Each warning light will signal that a certain system on your vehicle is having a problem. However, the warning that appears is not always accurate. Therefore, determining the error the vehicle encounters, its location, system and repair method is very important.

Understanding this problem, Mercedes has released Xentry software for in-depth vehicle diagnostics. It can access all systems on the vehicle and quickly read errors.
This software will provide a list of errors that the vehicle is experiencing, related errors, read and delete errors quickly. Currently, when performing car repairs, most people need this Mercedes diagnostic software.

This diagnostic software is constantly improved and upgraded through versions to support the latest Mercedes car models. For older car models, you can use the old version, DAS.

When a warning appears on the dashboard indicating that a certain part of the vehicle is having a problem. You can ignore these flashing warnings, but driving safety is not guaranteed. Perform an immediate check using professional diagnostic equipment and software specifically for Mercedes vehicles. Contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 to have Eurocartool experts assist you.

Above is the Mercedes dashboard symbols and meanings that we hope will bring you useful information during the car repair process.

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