New BMW headlight programming guide

After replacing the new BMW headlight, you need to perform BMW headlight programming so it can synchronize with the vehicle. However, you don’t know how to program it? Please see the step-by-step instructions with Eurocartool in the following article.

Why is it necessary to program BMW Headlight?

BMW headlights are located in front of the car, providing lighting and are an indispensable and important part of your car. When the car lights are broken for a number of reasons such as being too old, burned out light bulbs, burned out fuses, broken wires, etc., you will be forced to replace the lights with new ones.

After replacement, each headlight needs to be coded to synchronize it with the car’s electrical system and light control system. Once the coding process is done, the new part will be compatible with the vehicle’s control box and can operate well with its true function and capacity.


BMW headlight programming Guide

Before doing this, make sure the headlights, cables and wires are installed correctly and electricity needs to be connected correctly,… Otherwise you will have big trouble during the programming process.
Software: ISTA D and Esys already have Psdzdata 4.23
Device: Icom Next or enet cable


Steps for programming BMW headlights:

Step 1: Park the car in a comfortable location.
Step 2: Remove all connections in the car such as DVDs, CDs, car adapters, phone chargers, bluetooth connections
Step 3: Connect the device and software to the vehicle and connect the vehicle charger to ensure the power supply remains uninterrupted while BMW headlight programming takes place.
Step 4: Check the connection to the control box and information of the vehicle’s headlight and project system via ISTA D

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Step 5: After getting Headlight information, open Esys to do the job.

  • Connect to vehicles.
  • Read information about control module systems
  • Retrieve data from FA files, VCM and system code to avoid backup after errors
  • Go to TAL sectioncalculating to save and retrieve TAL files for the headlight system.
  • Perform system programming by switching to TAL-Processing.
  • Add the vehicle’s FA file and if possible, the TAL can add the system’s VCM file.
  • At this time, a menu appears and select the system we want to headlight (note: only select the system we want to program, no other systems can be selected) (not responsible for errors)


  • Check if you have the correct Vin code and click check software availability to see if you are satisfied for programming
  • Proceed with programming by pressing start
  • Wait for the process to complete.


Note: For some vehicles, the headlight control system has 2 control boxes: left and right. When replacing the system, either side can program that side.

Some frequently asked questions when programming BMW headlight

Do headlight modules need to be programmed?
Yes. When you replace a new light, BMW headlight programming is needed to synchronize the modules so the light can operate stably.

Can I code my own BMW?
You can completely do it yourself on your BMW, but you need to prepare all the software and connection devices suitable for the car. However, there are many potential risks when you have not used the software to code regularly. You may make mistakes, which will cost more time and money.

What preparations are needed to perform BMW light coding?
You need to prepare ISTA P software or ISTA D, connection device, laptop. The connection device will depend on the car model you are using and their prices will also vary.
F and G Series cars will need an ENET cable, and E Series cars need a K-DCAN cable. In addition, you can use many other devices specialized for BMW such as ICOM NEXT, ICOM A,…


How much does BMW headlight coding cost?
Currently on the market the cost to encode lights is about $100-200. However, the cost may be lower or higher depending on where you use the service.

Does Eurocartool support BMW headlight programming?
With increasing repair needs, Eurocartool has provided remote technical support services, diagnostic support, coding and programming for many car models on the market such as BMW, Mercedes, VAG, Porsche,… To To order the service you can text via our website or whatsApp.

So we have shared detailed BMW Headlight programming steps. From these instructions, you can do it yourself at home. If you don’t have enough time to do it or don’t have enough working tools, please contact via WhatsApp: +13155472355 to receive direct support from Eurocartool

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