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Mercedes AC repair instructions help you quickly identify errors and know how to fix them. Whether your air conditioner is not working, leaking coolant or cannot release cold air,… All basic solutions will be shared by experts from Eurocartool in the article below.

Mercedes-Benz AC compressor problems

Mercedes Benz AC has the function of cooling, filtering, and dehumidifying the air entering the passenger compartment. This system consists of various components that act as a compressor to pressurize the refrigerant. Before performing Mercedes AC repair, you need to know the cause your car is experiencing. When failures occur, their main manifestations include:

  • The fan is on but the air conditioner blows hot air. Cause: The air conditioning system is leaking, the air conditioner is not working, the throttle valve is stuck…
  • The fan is on but the air conditioner is not cool. Cause: Bad air conditioner, bad throttle valve, dustbusy A lot of cockroaches cling to hot and cold frames
  • The fan is on but the wind is weak. Cause: Broken air conditioner filter, poor fan motor, too much dirt in the air blower door
  • The AC button cannot be turned on. Cause: damage to the control system
  • The car air conditioner makes a noise. Cause: damage to the transmission system from engine power transmitted to the air conditioner
  • Car air conditioner has a bad smell. The reason is that the air conditioning ventilation system is too dirty, not maintained and cleaned, causing unpleasant odors from the environment


Mercedes AC repair for each specific situation

Shares on common problems on Mercedes AC repair include:

The problem appears an unpleasant odor

The main cause of this phenomenon is that the air filter has a lot of trash, dirt or dead insects. In addition, after a while, the smell of cigarettes, food,… will stick tightly to the nooks and crannies of the car’s interior. When the air conditioner operates, the smell from impurities is carried throughout the car compartment, causing an unpleasant odor.

If you want these unpleasant odors to disappear, you should remove the air filter and clean it regularly. According to manufacturers’ recommendations, air conditioning filters need to be replaced periodically every 20,000 km. However, depending on usage conditions, dusty environments, hot and humid climates, the air conditioner air filter will have to be replaced sooner.


Air conditioner not cool enough

The air conditioner does not provide the correct amount of heat because the condenser is not enough and the condenser temperature is not up to standard. In this case, you should check the air conditioner filter to see if the filter is clogged or if there are foreign objects in the ventilation duct.

In addition, you also need to check if the condenser is covered in dust, if the condenser is covered with frost (refrigerant pump is excess), the refrigerant gas filter is clogged, the temperature sensor is broken, etc. From there, check and replace.


Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s not

This phenomenon often appears on car models that have been used for a long time. The main causes of this phenomenon can be listed as:

Pumping excess refrigerant gas causes frost on the pipes. At this time, the rocks were completely covered, not allowing the cold wind to escape, and when I touched the bottom of the dashboard, I felt wet. You can check this phenomenon by turning off the air conditioner, only turning on the fan for about 3-5 minutes, until the ice melts and then turning on the air conditioner will bring cold air again.

The cooling fan in the outdoor unit has a problem. At this time, you need to check the cooling fan and possibly clean the condenser with a specialized substance. Note, do not spray water too strongly because the radiator fins of the condenser are very soft and thin.


There is a gas smell in the car compartment

In this case, it is likely that there is a leak in the indoor unit. The air conditioning system operates in a completely closed cycle, so leaks only occur when the system has problems and damage. In this case, the repairman needs to find the exact location of the leak and repair it quickly.

Locating the leak often takes a lot of time and causes many difficulties for you. Therefore, you should own a professional diagnostic machine to bring better working efficiency.

The air conditioner turns on and off continuously

The turning on/off of the air conditioner is controlled by sensors and switches such as: Temperature sensor, pressure switch, environmental temperature sensor… in which the pressure switch is installed in the high pressure pipe of the system air conditioning system.

When it detects too much pressure during the cooling cycle, the sensor system will turn off the refrigeration block to protect the internal components. This error is relatively difficult to fix and requestchyên high technical subject. If you are a new repairman, you can use specialized repair guide software.

Notes during Mercedes AC repair

When doing Mercedes AC repair, you need to pay attention to a few things as follows to ensure safety during the repair process.

When in contact with air conditioner gas:

  • Do not work with gas in an enclosed space or near an open flame.
  • Always wear safety glasses.
  • Be careful not to get liquid gas in your eyes or skin.
  • If liquid gas gets into your eyes or skin: Do not wipe. Wash the affected area with plenty of cold water. Apply clean vaseline to the skin. Arriveright doctor or hospital for treatment. Do not attempt to handle it yourself.

When replacing components of the gas line:

  • Release the gas slowly before replacing.
  • Cover the removed parts immediately to prevent moisture and dust from entering.
  • Do not leave the new unplugged condenser or tank on the ground.
  • Bleed nitrogen from the intake valve before removing the plug from the new compressor.
  • Do not use fire to bend or lengthen pipes.

When tightening connection details:

  • Add a few drops of machine oil to the O-ring fitting to make it easier to tighten and avoid gas leaks.
  • When tightening the nuts, use two wrenches to avoid twisting the screws.
  • Tighten O-ring or bolt-type joints to the specified torque.

When working with gas cylinders:

  • Never heat the tank.
  • Containers must be stored below 40 degrees Celsius.
  • When heating the tank with warm water, never immerse the valve at the top of the tank because water may enter the cooling circuit.
  • Never reuse an empty gas tank.

When turning on A/C and adding gas:

  • If there is not enough gas in the refrigeration circuit, oil lubrication will be insufficient and may burn out the compressor so care must be taken to avoid this.
  • If you open the valve on the high pressure side, the gas will flow in the opposite direction and cause the switch to be interrupted, so only the low pressure side will be opened and closed.
  • If you turn the gas tank upside down and charge it in liquid form, the liquid gas will be compressed and the compressor will break, so it must be charged in gas form.
  • Do not overcharge the air conditioner because it will cause damage: not cooling enough, wasting fuel, overheating the engine, etc.

From the information provided in the above article about Mercedes AC repair, you can easily recognize the symptoms as well as perform timely repairs for your Mercedes AC. In case you have tried all of the above methods but there is still no change, it is likely that the air conditioning system has a software error.

At this point you can refer How To Fix Mercedes Air Conditioning W222 Not Working?, this is a specialized method for control box errors.

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