“Programing camera 360 Mercedes SVS Module” Service

The camera 360 Mercedes can’t turn on or off or it can’t work, it may be an error from the Camera’s software. At this time, the features help to see around the car with a wide view, or in places where the rearview mirror cannot see. If you are looking for a way to fix this error, please follow the information provided by Eurocartool in the article below!

What is the role of camera 360?

Camera 360 Mercedes consists of 4 small cameras which 1 camera is mounted in the front bumper, 2 cameras on the mirror and 1 camera in the rear bumper. This system provides visual assistance and visual assistance to the driver in parking or off-road driving. The driver will observe all images in hidden corners, blind spots that the naked eye cannot see through the rearview mirror.


In addition, the 360-degree car camera also provides the ability to simultaneously record through the cams. Acts as a dash cam system for the car. In the case of problems when participating in traffic, this will be a “black box” that provides collated data to solve the problem.

Expression Mercedes 360 camera not working

If the 360 ​​camera does not work, there will be symptoms such as:

  • The screen is not visible at all, not even showing black.
  • When using the 360 ​​camera on the way to switch modes, the Taplo screen does not display the camera or cannot switch from the 360 ​​camera mode to another screen.
  • Reverse camera not working
  • The 360 ​​button on the control panel doesn’t work at all

The cause of the error may come from the

  • Upgrade the car to add a 360 . camera feature
  • When replacing the new 360 camera screen

Camera 360 Mercedes error is often seen on car models such as W204, W156, W164, W166, W212, W213, W221, W222, W253, W156, W164, W205, W222, W251, W166, W117,….
When performing the test on Xentry software, the results are: N148 – 360° camera “U014786-Communication with the control unit ‘Head unit’ has a malfunction. There is an incorrect signal”.


To fix Camera 360 error, you need to perform Programming. REMOVEYou need to prepare all the necessary software and equipment: DTS Monaco software, SD connect C4, Laptop diagnostic (Win10, Core i5, Minimum Ram: 4GB, SSD: 50GB of free space)

These are the required software and equipment to be able to implement the Programing camera 360 SVS Module. If not equipped enough, you can go to Eurocartool to buy software and diagnostic equipment and remove errors for manufacturers Mercedes, VAG, JLR,… with the best price in the market.

You can do the programming yourself, but all operations need to be done with the right technique and expertise, because even a small mistake in the process of use can destroy the ECU and you will have to lose thousands of dollars. dollars for repair.
To avoid that risk, contact Eurocartool’s team of professional technicians for free advice and remote support.

“Camera 360 Mercedes Programing” Service in Eurocartool

We provide remote camera 360 Mercedes programming & coding service. The process of programming the camera will take a long time and need people with specialized knowledge to do it.
At Eurocartool, we are proud to have technicians experienced in reprogramming faulty functions on your vehicle correctly, saving you time and money. Eurocartool will make sure your car system works efficiently by using the latest and most optimized software for coding and programming.

To use the service, you can click Mercedes Booking Service Online to booking  contact us by the following:


Step 1: Choose Service


Step 2: Enter Vehicle Information


Step 3: Order Booking


After receiving your order information, our technicians will feedback and advise on services and repair methods completely free of charge.
You need to confirm the information and pay. We will then proceed to perform the service you ordered remotely.

Benefits of booking services online

  • Save time
  • Make repairs remotely as long as you want
  • Cost savings
  • A team of experienced technicians

Special Booking Service in Eurocartool

When using camera 360 Mercedes coding service, you will experience:

  • 24/7 technical support service: Diagnosis, Code-programming via Teamviewer
  • Always use the software and equipment best suited to your vehicle for coding and programming.
  • Professional and experienced team of technicians.
  • Quick execution time.
  • Best repair quality and price in the market.

If you need remote Coding and Programming support, immediately use the Booking service from Eurocartool. This service applies to most car models of Mercedes, VAG, GM, Ford, Mazda, and BMW brands. Contact us via Whatsapp: +1-848-294-662  for a free consultation

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