Programing VGS1,2,3 EGS, DTC transmission control modules Service

Programming the transmission control modules box after the replacement is one of the most difficult services for technicians to perform. Because just doing one step wrong will cause the entire system to malfunction or damage the whole system. Booking service will bring the support of Eurocartool’s professional technicians and many years of experience.

Why reset the transmission control modules?

The transmission control module (TCM) is the part that connects the engine and transmission. It helps to calculate exactly where and when to shift gears to achieve the desired speed. So when TCM crashes, it becomes more difficult to control your car.

Programing-VGS- transmission-control-modules The gearbox control box can be damaged due to many different reasons with telltale signs such as:

  • When starting the engine, the engine vibrates, quit due to the control box
  • Replace the box when the car gets water in
  • Replace the box when there is an electrical short
  • The car in gear vibrated
  • The car goes into the wrong gear
  • The car goes into zero gear, jumps all gears
  • Car in gear is not running
  • Unable to connect to gearbox

Error VGS1,2,3 EGS,DTC transmission control module is commonly found on car models such as: W204, W906, W204,, W156, W164, W166, W212, W213, W221, W222, W253, W156, W164, W205,.. W222,W251,W166,W117,…..,
When replacing the gearbox control box, you need to use a diagnostic machine or specialized devices to program and synchronize it with the main control box. However, if you already have all the equipment but don’t know how to use it or don’t have time to do it, then our Booking service is the solution for you.

How To Coding And Programing New VGS?

You need to prepare some equipment

  • Vediamo software
  • Xentry Openshell
  • C4 Doip
  • New VGS

Step 1: Check the error code on the original VGS control box check the error if it is an error that requires replacing the new control box.
Step 2: Check the VGs orgiginall information and search or buy a control box similar to the Partnumber on the blister
Step 3: Need to renew before doing programming and coding
Step 4: Use vediamo or DTS to programing and oding then reset hardware then clear fauld code.
Step 5: Connect Xentry software and go to Teach-in of drive authorization system and Teach-in of selection range sensor and finish

You can see more repair instructions here: How To program transmission control VGS Part3 W204 

Programming transmission control modules service

This service is performed by experienced technicians at Eurocartool. We will take your request, work directly via Whatsapp +84 388951999. Perform remote repair via teamviewer within the time you want.
To order the service, you can do it in two ways:
Option 1: Message us via the website for advice on the service you want to use. we will receive information and support you within 2-5 minutes. Or you can leave your information and phone number in the chat. Our technicians will contact you as soon as possible.
Option 2: Contact via whatsapp+1-848-294-662 to book the service
Option 3: Book online service at Mercedes Booking Service Online

Special Booking Service Online provide support services such as:

  • Active/Deactivate Function
  • Coding and programming, service Modul Control
  • Retrofits coding
  • Other services


After receiving your transmission control modules service order information, our technicians will feedback and advise on services and repair methods completely free of charge.
You need to confirm the information and pay. We will then proceed to perform the service you ordered remotely.

Special Booking Service Online in Eurocartool

  • 24/7 technical support service: Diagnosis, Code-programming via Teamviewer
  • Always use the software and equipment best suited to your vehicle to perform programming.
  • Professional and experienced team of technicians.
  • Quick execution time.
  • Best repair quality and price in the market.

If you need remote Coding and Programming support, immediately use the Booking service from Eurocartool. This service applies to most car models of Mercedes, VAG, GM, Ford, Mazda, and BMW brands. Contact us via Whatsapp:+1-848-294-662 for a free consultation!


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