Reset overhead control panel Mercedes-benz

Mercedes-Benz C180, W205 lost the function of the overhead control panel Mercedes-Benz and you are looking for a way to fix it? Don’t worry, the article on how to guide Mercedes Xentry Coding below is a useful document for you.

What is the overhead control panel Mercedes-Benz?

The overhead control panel control unit reads sensors and switches and controls their functions. Consumers are switched or supplied with voltage depending on the requests received, and signals are transmitted or received via CAN-B.
The overhead control panel control

  • Master control unit for interior illumination
  • Exit lamps
  • Tilting/sliding roof (model 203.0/2, model 209.3 with code 414)
  • Panoramic sliding roof and roller sun blinds (model 203.7 with code 413)

Signs of overhead control panel error

Your Mercedes C180, W205 has signs of loss of function of the ceiling controller such as lights not on or the sunroof not working.
After checking the error with Xentry software, the result is a disconnection error with the N70 ceiling control box.

How to Reset overhead control panel Mercedes-Benz C180 W205

To reset the overhead control panel, you will need to use the Mercedes WIS software to look up the circuit diagram and location and then perform troubleshooting.
You need to prepare:

Implementation steps:

You use Xentry software to diagnose and read errors that your vehicle encounters. At this time, the screen shows the error code: Error lost connection to the ceiling control box N70.

Step 1: In WIS/ASRA software
At vehicle identification number enter 205340
At InformationType choose Circuit Diagram->electrical
at Search Module select Full text search -> search term enter N70



Step 2: After the software checks the electrical system in the vehicle, click Wirring diagram for overhead control panel (OCP) control unit.


Detect errors in the circuit below:


Step 3: In the WIS/ASRA . interface
At Search Module select Full text search -> search term enter f1/3


Step 4: Check under Remove/Install hinge of front passenger door


Check by WIS/ASRA software to find specific fault location


Step 5: Then perform electrical repair


You can refer to the video Use XENTRY diagnostic software to overhead control panel Mercedes-benz C180 W205 made by professional technicians from Eurocartool:

With the instructions on Reset Control Function for Mercedes C180, W205 above, you can completely do it yourself. However, to ensure that the repair process does not occur unexpected errors, you can contact and receive support from Eurocartool’s experienced technicians. Contact via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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