What is BMW EDIABAS? How to download it?

BMW EDIABAS is one of the software that is considered a bridge that allows communication between the ECUs of BMW vehicles and external devices such as diagnostic tools. Join Eurocartool to learn more about this software and how to download it in this article.


BMW EDIABAS (Electronic Diagnostic and Bus System) is a software tool developed by BMW that supports the implementation of diagnostic and programming functions on BMW vehicles. It is a driver config that connects the electronic control unit (ECU) with equipment and specialized software from BMW.


Functions of the BMW EDIABAS software

Like other BMW specialized software, EDIABAS software allows technicians to access information and functions of the vehicle’s electronic systems to perform repairs.

The main functions of the software include:

  • Diagnostics: EDIABAS allows to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes from the vehicle’s electronic systems, providing detailed information about problems and problems in the system.
  • Programming: It allows updating and programming the vehicle’s electronic controls, including new firmware versions and custom settings.
  • Functional testing: EDIABAS allows technicians to test vehicle-specific functions, such as testing sensors, actuators, control systems and more.
  • Driver config connects electronic control units (ECUs) with specialized equipment and software from BMW.

Software and device requirements

To use BMW EDIABAS, you need a BMW diagnostic interface (such as K+DCAN or ICOM) and diagnostic software such as BMW INPA or Rheingold. After connecting the interface to the vehicle and installing the software, you can use this software to access and control the diagnostic and programming functions on your BMW.

How to download BMW EDIABAS?

To be able to download this software you need to download additional INPA software. You can refer to our BMW diagnostic software package. In this package, there are all diagnostic, lookup, coding and programming software for BMW models such as ISTA P, ISTA D, Esys, INPA, BMW Coding Tool, NCS-Expert tool, WinKFP, TOOL32, ..

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