[Review] Mercedes Benz C4 DOIP – Mercedes diagnostic tool


Technicians need specialized diagnostic equipment such as Star C4, C5, C6, and Xentry Open-shell software. Mercedes Benz C4 is considered the most stable and widely used. Let’s find out with Eurocartool about STAR C4 MERCEDES DOIP DEVICE.

Mercedes Benz C4 information

Mercedes Benz C4 DOIP is a diagnostic and programming device for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Star C4 is an advanced upgrade of the Star C3 version. With increased signal reception and response speed by 20-30% and diagnostic support via Wi-Fi connection. Support diagnosis all Mercedes models, including passenger cars, trucks, construction machines, and group cars such as Smart, Maybach, Fuso, etc.

The Mercedes Benz Star C4 diagnostic machine is the most suitable product for garages specializing in repairing European luxury cars like Mercedes Benz.


Highlights of Mercedes Benz C4

C4 DOIP is considered the most stable device with Mercedes-Benz specialized software. Not only has outstanding features such as diagnostic support, error reading, debugging, coding and programming, etc. It also has an equally outstanding design.
Designed with sturdy, lightweight materials, Waterproof, shockproof and has a hand strap for technicians to use. The weight is not too heavy making it easy for the user to carry it around. There are many connections to help it work with many Mercedes models including trucks.

In addition, C4 DOIP is multi-language installed so technicians everywhere can use it without worrying about language barriers. In addition, it supports diagnostics for most vehicle systems such as Engine, Gearbox (AT, MT), Anti-slip system (ABS), Air conditioning system (A/C), airbag system (SRS), Anti-theft system (DASX), Remote lock control system (KEYLESS GO),…

This device can completely update the firmware, but this update needs an experienced person to do it to avoid errors and damage to the device. If you need to update, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for support to update firmware C4 quickly with the most favorable cost.

It can be said that in the same price range, this is a versatile Mercedes diagnostic device that is more stable and outstanding than other devices.

A small note, Because it is a DOIP device, it can work with all Mercedes-Benz software such as Xentry Openshell, Vediamo, DTS Monaco, EPC, WIS/ARS except Xentry Passthru software.


The difference between Star C4 basic DoIP and other connected devices

In addition to C4 DOIP, there are many other DOIP devices, so what is different from the versions before and after it. To answer this question, here are some comparative reviews between the C4 DOIP and other devices.

  • Star C4 Mercedes Is An Upgrade Of C3.
  • With increased signal reception and response speed by 20-30% and diagnostic support via Wi-Fi connection.
  • Versions C5 and C6 have been upgraded in appearance as well as significantly reduced weight, but the stability when connecting software is not as good as C4.
  • The C4 can be connected to upgraded versions of Mercedes-Benz diagnostic software. C5 and C6 can not do that.
  • The Star C4 diagnostic device distributed by EUROCARTOOL is constantly updated with the latest Xentry Diagnostics Open Shell software and reads all vehicle models.


Which vehicles models does the Mercedes Benz Star C4 support?

The Mercedes Star C4 diagnostic device supports the diagnosis of all Mercedes models, including passenger cars, trucks, construction machines, and group vehicles such as Smart, Maybach, Fuso, etc., popular passenger cars, small trucks, specialized vehicles. Sporty luxury cars are an indispensable category in software and diagnostic devices specialized for Mercedes-Benz.

According to current Mercedes technicians, the C4 is the device with the most stable connection and the most suitable price.
If you often have to repair errors on the vehicle’s system, you need to be fully equipped with the necessary software and equipment. C6 orginal is also considered a good device, but the price is high.

MB SD C4 supported car

Software kits connected to Star C4 Mercedes 

As mentioned above, this device can work with most Mercedes software. You can refer below:

In addition, there are many other software, you can see the full software at Mercedes diagnostic software package.

Connecting and using the Star C4 DOIP diagnostic device is extremely simple. With just a few steps, you can link the Mercedes software with the vehicle and quickly check all the vehicles’ systems.

Equip your Garage with a specialized diagnostic device Mer Star C4 DOIP right now at the most reasonable price. We will deliver the device to your place and guide you to use it in the best way.

To learn more about Mercedes-Benz software and equipment, you can refer to our website. For any questions, please message via the website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest advice and support.

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