How to use Mercedes WIS/ARSA Software?

Mercedes WIS software (WIS Service Repair Technical Information Workshop) that explains repair instructions, circuit diagrams, and system explanations on Mercedes vehicles. The most frequently used Workshop document search option is a standard search in the Mercedes Wis software that is performed to specify groups and information types. For more information about Wis software, you can see more.

What is Mercedes WIS software?

Mercedes WIS / ARSA software is known as Workshop Information System that technicians use to look up electrical circuit diagrams on vehicles. This is an important add-on software to know the detailed location of the systems on the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz WIS can help you look up circuit diagrams for Mercedes up to 2020 models (W205, W213, W223)
With this Mercedes circuit diagram lookup software, you can choose to use one of the following languages: English, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.


How to use Mercedes WIS?

Below are the steps to use Mercedes workshop information system software:

The car database must be defined by a vehicle identification number or using the driver’s assigned information in the car identification.

Step 1: Identify vehicle data

Step 2: Select the car icon in the toolbar

Step 3:  Select the default mode in the menu. The next thing you need to do is define the group and type of information



Step 4: Use the scroll bar to go to group 35

  • Click the + icon.
  • The subgroups within that group will be displayed.
  • Now you can choose individual subgroups or a large group.

Step 5:  In this example, select the entire group of 35 with the select button (✔)

Step 6: Select the repair information type using the options button (✔)

The action to initiate a search is displayed when activated in the control bar. Therefore, all the selection and search criteria have been defined

Step 7: Click “start search” to start the search on the toolbar

The standard search will then begin


AStatus information is displayed; the access list with found documents will be displayed immediately if the successful search. 


Document search results are displayed.

Step 8: Double-click the title of the document “Remove and install the shaft after completion” in the list of labels. Because this document contains an item of safety information, the display window is shown first

Display Safety Information on Mercedes Wis


Select “show.” The safety information document is displayed



Step 10: Read the safety information document

Step 11:  After you have read the safety information, open the main document by clicking on “show document information.”

  • The main document, “complete rear axle removal and installation,” will be displayed.
  • The red “Show security information” button in the main document indicates that safety information regarding the document is available

Step 12: Safety information can be displayed at any time by clicking on the button showing safety information

Note: If there is some safety information related to the main document, the button “Show hazard warning” next” will appear instead of “show document.”

All safety information documents must be displayed one at a time until the main document reappears.

In addition to Mercedes Wis/Arsa, Mercedes Starfinder is also one of the circuit diagram lookup software used by many technicians today. These two software have similar functions.

In addition to the circuit diagram lookup software, the Mercedes EPC spare parts lookup software will also be an effective assistant for you in retrieving the vehicle’s spare part information.

Why should you use Mercedes Benz WIS?

Mercedes Wis software is considered a tool to support technicians a lot in the process of repairing electrical systems on cars. Especially with Mercedes models that have complex electrical wiring systems. When repairing a car in the traditional way, if there is an error, you will spend a lot of time finding which part is defective. It is important to have experienced technicians to perform the diagnosis, if the wrong repair can cause serious consequences for the vehicle.

Circuit diagram lookup software was created to help technicians read electrical diagrams and the location of each electrical circuit on the vehicle more quickly and easily. It will save you time and greatly increase your productivity.

You can also see more information about Mercedes WIS manual here:


If you often have to repair Mercedes cars, you should invest in Xentry WIS. If you have any questions about this software, you can send a message via the website or WhatsApp +13155472355 or the fastest advice.

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