7 Steps diagnosing Mercedes-Benz for beginners

Diagnosing Mercedes is the first step every technician needs to take to find a fault in a vehicle. To become an auto diagnostic specialist you have to go from beginner to advanced. If you don’t know anything about diagnostics or have questions about reading errors, coding programming, looking up spare parts, or electrical circuits… in cars, this content will help answer all your vague questions.

What is Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Software?

Xentry Diagnostic OpenShell software is a Mercedes-Benz specialized software, so it fully supports functions from the most basic functions to the installation, programming, and Coding Online of electronic control systems on vehicles. It can helps technician for Read errors and clear errors, View dynamic data. Activate the actuators, Setting steering angle, injector code, resetting maintenance lights, relearning throttle position,  program, Coding Offline and Online all control systems on the vehicle…


If you do not have the software, you can download the link at our Download Xentry Openshell Free.

Requirements when diagnosing Mercedes

Xentry software diagnoses your vehicle through connected device and laptop. So there are also certain requirements with the computer configuration and connected devices.

Configuration of the Mercedes diagnostic computer

Before diagnosing Mercedes you need to have the right computer to meet the best use of Mercedes diagnostic software. Refer to the computer configuration below: Intel Core i5, 8GB SDRAM, 256GB Hard Drive SAMSUNG SSD. It is a mid-range configuration that helps you install software that works smoothly and stably.

You can use any laptop with the right configuration, but we recommend choosing computers with high durability, sturdy design, impact resistance, and long usage time. Because working in an automotive repair environment, you need to work for many hours continuously, in a hot, greasy, … with office laptops, it is not possible to work continuously in a repairable environment. You can refer to some military laptops from Panasonic or DELL.

You can refer to some military laptops of Panasonic or DELL such as Panasonic CF-19, Panasonic CF-53, Dell latitude 12 rugged extreme 7204,…

Requires device to connect

Depending on the Xentry software you use to select the appropriate devices. With Xentry Openshell software will work with devices with DOIP protocol, while Xentry Passthru software will work with devices with J2534 protocol.

In this article, we use Xentry Openshell software, so the connection device used is C4 DOIP. Specialized diagnostic equipment Mercedes-Benz MB SD CONNECT C4 DOIP is the best quality diagnostic device for reading errors, programming coding, looking up Mercedes-Benz structure and spare parts. In addition, there are quality-reputable diagnostic equipm ent such as Xentry Diagnosis VCI Mercedes Benz – C6,  SUPER MB PRO M6

With J2534 Passthru devices you can use VAS5054, Tabscan 6154+C, WISCAN T6, BOSCH MASTERTECH II, OPENPORT,…


7 step diagnostic process automotive

Step 1: Connect the Mercedes-Benz specialized diagnostic device


Step 2: Connect the device to a computer with specialized diagnostic software installed


Step 3: Connect the device to the diagnostic car


Step 4: Choose a diagnostic vehicle (enter VIN number, choose model vehicle,…)


Step 5: Scan for vehicle general errors

Check the error code



Step 6: Look up the circuit diagram on the car

Look up the spare parts location

Step 7: Check the location of spare parts on the car


The above are just the basic steps to diagnose the car (7 step diagnostic process automotive for technician), to have the exact steps it depends on the condition that the car is experiencing to conduct an accurate diagnosis of the errors that the car is experiencing. You can refer to our youtube channel, there are many videos on how to fix many error codes of Mercedes models that you can refer to.

Depending on the features you want to use, you can choose modules on the Xentry software. Basically, when you use Xentry software it will scan the entire vehicle system and provide a list of errors your vehicle is experiencing.
The highlight of the Mercedes diagnostic software is that it gives you repair instructions and supports basic error removal. This software is not too difficult to use, but it is very effective in the process of diagnosing errors on Mercedes cars. Currently, Xentry is constantly upgrading versions to be able to diagnose the latest vehicle models.

You can watch Detailed 7 step diagnostic process automotive Instruction Video:

Xentry software is considered the first step towards becoming a professional technician. Some other software will support you to improve your skills such as EPC spare parts lookup software, WIS/ARSA circuit diagram lookup software, Vediamo coding and programing software, DTS Monaco to help your repair process become simpler. 

If you have any questions about the diagnosing Mercedes by Xentry diagnostic software, you can message us via our website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest support from our customer service department.


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