Top 3 Best Land Rover Diagnostic Tool


Land Rover Diagnostic Tools are devices that help technicians save a lot of time and money in performing diagnostics and programming for Land Rover vehicles. Are you wondering which device to invest in is right for your needs? Let’s find the answer through Eurocartool’s detailed sharing about diagnostic and programming support devices for Land Rover vehicles in the article below.

Land Rover scan tool VCX SE

VXDIAG VCX SE JLR is a diagnostic device designed to assist in the specialized diagnosis of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. The latest version was released in 2020, and in this version is equipped with the DoIP protocol for better and more comprehensive error reading.

The VXDIAG VCX SE JLR device supports the following software: SDD (For models before 2017) and Pathfinder (For models 2017-present).

VCX SE is compatible and works well on genuine OEM Diagnostic Software. There are 2 options for users to connect this device to the car via Wifi or USB cable as they like. After connecting to the vehicle, VCX SE will perform a quick scan and display the current parameters of the vehicle for users to know.

VCX – Land Rover diagnostic tool works with the main function of reading and deleting errors on the vehicle. Besides, it also supports users thanks to the features of Reset maintenance, activate the check of actuators, setting the key, installing the ECU box,….


Advantages of VXDIAG VCX JLR error reading device

  • Specialized diagnostic equipment for 2 models Land Rover and Jaguar
  • Fully supports vehicle communication standards (DoIP Support), can be connected to all vehicle ECUs, does not cause CAN disorder when connecting
  • Can Update Firmware
  • Full feature support like genuine device (Depends on software)
  • Compact device, easy connection
  • VCX SE has the ability to connect and work with JLR specialized software such as Pathfinder and SDD software.

Mongoose – Land Rover Diagnostic Tool

The Mongoose dedicated error reader is a device that provides diagnostics, troubleshooting and specialized software updates for Land Rover vehicles. The latest version produced in 2020 is improved to make communication with the vehicle easier, operating time and data processing speed improved compared to the previous version.

The Mongoose diagnostic machine possesses almost all the features of a dedicated error reader. You can use it to perform trouble code diagnostics, manage vehicle information systems, read vehicle data, program, etc. for electrical systems, powertrains, steering systems, etc. …

This device supports Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles manufactured between 2005 and 2017.


Land Rover Diagnostic Tool- DOIP VCI

JLR VCI DOIP is a device that connects software, computer and vehicle to support diagnostics and programming for technicians. The current latest version of this device is developed and improved to replace SDD VCI as well as to be suitable for current land rover models. It works in conjunction with Pathfinder and SDD software that will enable advanced diagnostics and support in-depth programming of vehicle modules.

The DOIP VCI device works well with all Jaguar and Land Rover models manufactured after 2005. When combined with the Pathfinder software, the device will perform good diagnostics and repair for vehicles after 2017 When combined with SDD software, DOIP VCI is easily supported for vehicles manufactured before 2016


There are also many best landrover diagnostic tool for LandRover models available on the market with many different prices that you can choose from. Above are just the 3 most commonly used devices when repairing JLR cars.

Land Rover Diagnostic Tool possesses many features from reading – deleting errors to modular programming, bringing a variety of utilities to the technician’s repair process. If you have difficulty using or need further advice on these diagnostic devices, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355. Eurocartool technicians are available to assist you 24/7.

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