Troubleshooting Mercedes Bluetooth not connecting


Mercedes bluetooth not connecting is a common problem that many people encounter. Suddenly one day you can’t connect and listen to your favorite music. You want to know the cause and how to easily fix it. Please follow the sharing from experts from Eurocartool to solve this situation in the article below.

Why is Mercedes Bluetooth not connecting?

In many cases, connecting the Bluetooth phone to the car screen fails because the main reason is that the phone device or car screen is full of connections. There are also other common causes of Mercedes Bluetooth not connecting such as:

Compatibility error
One car bluetooth can connect to many phones. So in many cases, you cannot connect bluetooth This is because there was another device connected first.
Besides, there is another problem with both the phone and the car system even not yet updated. This causes problems with their compatibility, sometimes you need to update to the latest version to be compatible with your car’s Bluetooth receiver.


Not ready to pair yet: Many people often forget to turn on pairing mode or send/receive mode for Bluetooth to connect and transfer data files to each other.

Low capacity: One disadvantage of bluetooth is that it will use quite a lot of battery to operate for a long time. When the battery is low, the Bluetooth connection will stop working. You need to recharge the battery to re-establish the connection.

Unable to pair
You cannot connect between two Bluetooth devices or do not receive a connection at all. It’s possible you made a connection but went too far out of range and turned back.
In this case, try turning your device off and then on again. Re-pairing the devices may be necessary.

The signal is disturbed: Some signals from other wireless devices can interfere with Bluetooth connectivity such as Wifi connections, radio spectrum signals, USB 3.0 wired connections.


How to fix Mercedes bluetooth not connecting error?

For each connection problem above, we will provide you with a separate, specific fix Mercedes Bluetooth not connecting:

Reset the device: Try restarting your infotainment system or phone before performing the troubleshooting step. The purpose of this simple action is to resolve temporary glitches in the software that are causing it.

Check the LED indicator light: A flashing LED light on the control panel or infotainment system will show whether the Bluetooth connection status is stable or not. For example, a flashing blue light may indicate that pairing mode is active, while a steady blue light may mean a successful connection.

Fully charge the battery: When the device connects to the car’s Bluetooth, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough battery power. Because low battery level will cause interference or easily disconnect the Bluetooth connection. Charge your phone to at least 50% to ensure a stable connection to the car.

Software updates: Bluetooth connections are less likely to fail if you update to the latest versions of both the car and phone software. Because the latest update can fix all basic connection problems. Additionally, the update also ensures optimal compatibility between your phone and the car’s Bluetooth system.


Do you know how to connect the phone to Mercedes exactly?

If you connect bluetooth properly, it will limit connection errors.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth mode on your phone
Depending on which operating system your smartphone device is using (IOS, Android, Windows,…) as well as the manufacturer’s screen interface customizations, you can turn on bluetooth on the screen. main or go to settings and select bluetooth mode.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth mode in the car
Press the phone button on the steering wheel and the infotainment system goes directly to the pairing menu.
Or access the pairing function by selecting the phone option from the main menu

Step 3: Search for paired devices
On the control panel information screen, select “Connect new device,” then select “Start system search.”

Step 4: Proceed to connect the two devices
Select the mobile device you want to pair with from the list of available devices. A code will then display on the infotainment screen and on your device.


If the code matches, confirm the code on your mobile device. Your mobile device and the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system are now connected via Bluetooth.

Mercedes Bluetooth not connecting can be easily resolved, if you still have trouble, experts from Eurocartool will be ready to assist you. Contact WhatsApp: +13155472355 for free consultation.

You can completely perform the above operations yourself to connect to Bluetooth, however if you encounter cases related to sensors and modules on the car, you need professional Mercedes diagnostic tools. You can see more of them directly on our website to better understand those software and devices.

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