What is Ford FDRS License? How to get it?

The Ford FDRS License is used to unlock and enable the user to use the FDRS software. This software needs to be paid to be able to use. The following article provides you with basic information about the FDRS License as well as instructions on how to use it.

What is FDRS License?

The FDRS License is the character set used to activate and use the FDRS software. After receiving the correct unlock code, new users can perform reading operations, clearing errors and other settings through the FDRS software.

After you install the FDRS software for the first time on your computer, you will need to enter the Ford FDRS License to use it. It is a required part of US copyright law. Accordingly, all software is copyright protected, in both source and object code form.


How do I get an FDRS License?

You can buy FDRS at the Ford website. After successfully purchasing the License, the user will receive a 20-digit license activation code (key). You can activate the key using the “Active License” feature in the software. This activation code will be saved on the PC where it was entered. The user can release this binding to the PC or transfer the license key to another PC using the “Return a License” feature.

Since this Software License is associated with the PC and not the diagnostic hardware, a single Software License will be available on one PC at a time. Therefore, each PC running the software will require its own License.

FDRS License User Manual

After downloading the software successfully, double-click on the FDRS software icon to launch it.
Once FDRS opens, click the “Add License” button


When the license screen opens, enter your code and click “Continue”.

Choose your user type, enter the ID and password then click “Log In”.


When the device manager window opens, select “Other Device” and choose your Drew Technologies device from the drop-down menu. Click “OK”.


Once your device is connected, you can click the “Read VIN from vehicle” button.


Once the VIN is read from the vehicle, you can click the “Go” button to enter the system.


Notes when using Ford FDRS License

Regular verification

IDS and FJDS must communicate with the License Server on a regular basis to validate the license. Authentication will happen automatically at every boot when the IDS is connected to the internet.

When not connected to the internet, authentication cannot occur. Therefore, any PC needs to be connected to the internet at least once every 29 days. Failure to authenticate every 30 days will render the license invalid and the functionality disabled in the software.

The Software License expires based on the purchased term. Users can renew their license up to 30 days before the expiration date by returning to their account and providing payment for the renewal. Renewal terms are based on the length of the subscription originally purchased. If you want to change the license term, you should purchase a new license.

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