What is NCS Expert BMW Software?

NCS Expert BMW is one of BMW’s specialized diagnostic software that allows to access the vehicle’s electronic system, adjust and configure the system. In addition, it can also program the vehicle’s modules. Let’s learn more about this software in the article below.

What is NCS Expert BMW software?

NCS Expert BMW is a specialized software used by technicians to repair BMW vehicles. It can read and clear fault codes, program, test and adjust parameters, support hardware upgrade,…
Using this software will make it easier to find the fault that the car is having, so that it can be repaired quickly.


NCS Expert BMW Function

NCS Expert BMW can help technicians easily diagnose faults and repair them with the following functions:

  • Read error code: NCS Expert allows technicians to easily read fault codes from the vehicle’s module, thereby identifying the problem that is being encountered quickly to plan a repair.
  • Deleting error codes: After the repair is complete, it can be used to erase the previously warned error codes to confirm this error has been fixed.
  • Programming and configuration: NCS Expert software allows technicians to reprogram electronic modules in the vehicle, change and set up functions of the vehicle system such as changing languages, activating hidden features, changing the sound and light configuration,…
  • Repair and maintenance: In addition to the diagnostic function, this software also has the ability to check, adjust and repair the vehicle’s modules.
  • Check the operation of the vehicle systems such as valves, pumps, sensors, …

Support vehicle

This software spends exclusively for BMW E series models, however, it can also support some other BMW models. Take a look at some of the vehicles that this software supports below:

  • 3 Series (E46, E90, F30)
  •  5 Series (E39, E60, F10)
  • 7 Series (E38, E65, F01)
  • 1 series E81 E82 E87 E88
  • 3 series E30 E36 E46 E90 E91 E92 E93
  • 5 series E34 E39 E60 E61
  • 6 series E63 E64
  • 7 series E38 E65 E66
  • 8 series E31
  • Mini R50 R52 R53 R55 R56 R57
  • X series E53 E83 E70 E71
  • Rolls Royce RR1 RR2
  • Z series E52. E85 E86 E89
  • F01/L6


However, each car model will have different versions and modules, so this software can perform a number of different functions depending on each version and each specific vehicle model. You should check the compatibility of the software with the vehicle you need to repair before performing operations on the vehicle.

Equipment and software used with NCS Expert

To be able to use this software, you need to have the appropriate connected devices and computer configuration. You can see more of those devices below:

  • K+DCAN cable: connection cable between the computer and the BMW OBDII diagnostic port. This cable allows data transmission between the NCS Expert and the electronic modules in the vehicle.
  • Computer or laptop: requires configuration i5 generation 3, Ram 8GB or more, SSD 500 or higher, Windows 10, 11
  • Software (INPA, WinKFP, Ediabas): NCS Expert is often used in conjunction with software such as INPA, WinKFP and Ediabas. These software support the diagnosis, programming and adjustment of vehicle modules

In addition to NCS Expert software, there are also software that support coding and programming for BMW models such as ISTA P, Esys, BMW coding tool, INPA,… You can refer to BMW diagnostic software at the website ours.

Using this software requires in-depth knowledge of the vehicle’s electronic systems and modules. Therefore, it is required that the technician must be someone who has a lot of experience in car repair to avoid damaging the vehicle’s systems.

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