3 Steps to adjust Mercedes steering wheel


You feel the Mercedes steering wheel is slightly deflected to the left or right even though there is no impact. The sooner this situation is corrected, the driver will not have to constantly hold the steering wheel to prevent the car from following a curve. Instructions for adjusting the Mercedes steering wheel will be provided by expertsEurocartool provided in the article below.

Cause Mercedes steering wheel is misaligned

Some common causes of Mercedes steering wheel misalignment include:

  • Due to collision or accident: When the car is moving and encounters a collision, the impact force will cause the car’s tire to become loose, leading to the car’s steering wheel also being misaligned.
  • Due to uneven tire wear: when tires are worn unevenly for a long time, the height on both sides of the vehicle will be uneven and over time it will cause the steering wheel to shift to the left or possibly to the right. Tires that do not wear evenly are often due to uneven vehicle pressure or misaligned wheel alignment. Most of the time it’s because the traffic on the road is too bad or the parking is not balanced.


  • Because the steering wheel has a problem: A problem with the steering wheel will cause the steering wheel to shift to the right or left. Therefore, when falling into this situation, the repairman needs to quickly diagnose and reinstall with these instructions.Coding Power Steering Malfunction Mercedes W166.

Instructions on how to adjust steering wheel for Mercedes Benz

How to adjust the steering wheel manually

Step 1: Stop the car, put the car in engine mode, then pull down the steering wheel unlock lever below the steering column.


Step 2: Adjust the steering wheel to the desired tilt and length, then push the locking lever up to lock the steering column.

Step 3: Push the steering wheel up and down to make sure it is locked before driving

How to adjust the electric steering wheel

In this way to adjust Mercedes steering wheel , use the lever right behind the steering wheel


  • By pushing the lever up, you will move the steering wheel up.
  • Push the lever down, the steering wheel adjusts down.
  • Push the lever forward to adjust the steering wheel.
  • Pull the lever back to move the steering wheel out.

Note: Do not adjust the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving:

Adjusting the steering wheel while the vehicle is moving is very dangerous. The driver may lose control of the steering wheel, leading to an accident.

Some other common errors on the steering wheel

Besides the misaligned Mercedes Steering Wheel error, there are many other errors that affect driving ability such as:

The car’s steering wheel vibrates while driving

The condition of the car steering wheel shaking, the car steering wheel shaking, the steering wheel vibrating when driving at high speed is the phenomenon that when you drive at a speed of over 80km/h you feel a large vibration in the steering wheel.


The reason why a car’s steering wheel vibrates when driving at high speed

  • Broken hub ball
  • The connection between the steering wheel and the steering shaft is loose
  • The steering gear ball is loose
  • The steering shaft and steering wheel alignment is loose
  • Damaged inner steering valve and outer steering rotor
  • Car tires wear unevenly
  • Steering shaft is not concentric

The steering wheel is locked and cannot be used

The electric power steering is stiff and cannot steer, or cannot use force to make the steering wheel move


The reason why the mercedes steering wheel is stiff:

  • The anti-theft device is activated
  • Turn the key into steering wheel lock mode
  • Broken electric lock
  • Electric power steering failure

When the steering wheel is locked or stiff, you should check the power steering fluid first, because the quality of the oil in the steering system directly affects the operation of the steering wheel. If the oil has a strange odor, it means the fluid is contaminated and is not up to standards for continued use. Additionally, check for small particles or debris blocking the pump’s filter plate. Then clean the filter or replace with new oil to avoid damaging other parts.


The car’s steering wheel rattles and squeaks

The condition of the car steering wheel squeaking, the steering wheel rattling, the steering wheel squeaking, the car steering wheel squeaking is a phenomenon that makes a very unpleasant noise when you drive, this is the most common case. when you turn the wheel all the way there is a clunking sound.

The reason why a car’s steering wheel rattles and squeaks

  • The mechanical system from the steering wheel to the steering wheel is not regularly maintained or lubricated
  • The steering column ball is broken
  • Drive shaft
  • Checkerboard drive inside
  • Outer steering wheel
  • Steering wheel needs maintenance (for mechanical steering wheel)

To diagnose this problem on Mercedes steering wheel, you can remove the belt and spin all the pulleys by hand to check their binding and free play. At the same time, make sure the belt tensioner operates effectively and provides sufficient tension. Someone has even increased the height of the alternator by gluing shims under the mounting point to increase the tension on the belt, eliminating unpleasant whine from high-performance engines.

Also, check the belt for cracks, glazing, or stains, and note how the belt comes off and the direction of rotation for future inspection. If contamination is a problem, clean all pulleys before replacing with a new belt to ensure no damage to the new belt. Furthermore, check that the pulleys are correctly aligned with each other, especially after replacing one of them.

The car’s steering wheel is light

A light mercedes steering wheel means that the steering force is lighter than normal. The phenomenon of a light steering wheel is extremely dangerous, making you feel like you are not driving, easily causing an accident when participating in traffic. When the steering wheel is turned lightly, it is easy to steer, and when the car is on the highway, the car is more likely to steer.

Cause the steering wheel is light

  • Power steering pressure is too high
  • The oil pressure in the steering wheel is too high


Most problems related to engine system oil pressure are usually fixed by checking the oil level in the steering system and removing it if it exceeds the standard level. In addition to checking the amount of oil, the quality of the steering fluid also needs to be checked. If the power steering fluid is orange-yellow or light pink, it is still usable. But if the oil is brown or black, the oil is dirty, should no longer be used and needs to be replaced.

In the process of adjusting the Mercedes steering wheel, it needs someone with experience and good technique to do it. If you set the steering angle incorrectly, it will easily cause the airbag to break. In addition, you can also choose Eurocartooi’s technical support service to have expert technicians reset the steering angle. You just need to prepare all the specialized software and equipment mentioned in the article and contact WhatsApp:+13155472355 for free advice on how to use this service.