BMW Carplay not working- How to active?

BMW Carplay not working- How to active? Active car play is increasingly popular because it can address shortcomings and increase the user’s experience with smarter features in comparison with the default operating system. It is also possible when upgrading or installing but BMW carplay is not working. What should you do? Do you need to re-active? See details in the instructions below.

In this article, Eurocartool will introduce to you how to activate BMW Apple carplay

Benefits of BMW carplay

  • Easy to use, similar interface to iPhone.
  • Use Siri voice control.
  • User interaction via buttons, trackpads or touch buttons, thereby reducing driver distraction.
  • Accessing iTunes music store and many other music stores such as Spotify, Youtube music, etc.


Common causes of BMW carplay not working

There can be many reasons for your BMW apple carplay not working. Here are the most common causes:

  • Problems with iOS update: Maybe when the iOS update to a higher version is not compatible with your current car, or there is an error during the update process, it is also one of the causes of carplay. you cannot function.
  • Incompatibility issue: To use carpaly function, your device must be Iphone and have operating system from iOS 7.1 minimum requirement. Currently, iPhone models from 6s to the latest such as Iphone 14 Promax can use this feature.
  • Integration problems, conflicts between applications: Having many applications running at the same time can lead to programming errors because two or more programs compete for the same resources… leading to conflicts. This.
  • Unable to establish connection with iPhone, iPhone not found: This is one of the common errors when using carplay, when you have enabled the connection from your car and phone but can’t find your phone.
  • Bluetooth connection problem: This problem can be caused by your phone or it can also be from your car, even though you have bluetooth turned on, you cannot connect to the device
  • Problems with integration between applications

We noticed that many people are trying to fix or reactivate this functionality. Below we will guide you through the easy steps to BMW carplay activation free.

Preparation steps before Active BMW Carplay

The first thing you need to do is to prepare all the software and device as follows:

Requirement BMW Carplay activation tool

  • ISTA-D: diagnostic software for all BMW models
  • ESYS : specialized software for coding and programming BMW
  • Tool32: allows users to read the fault history, apply personal settings, reset service, access to modules, coding, etc.
  • BMW ICOM NEXT: advanced programming and diagnostic device for BMW vehicles through the MOST, D – CAN and K – CAN diagnostic protocols.
  • Enet cable: connecting cable from the computer to the ICOM diagnostic device.


After careful preparation, we will learn how to connect apple carplay BMW in the next section

Steps to activate BMW carplay not working

Step 1: Connect ESYS software on computer to vehicle and read ECU


Step 2: Read Coding Data from HU_Entrynav2

Step 3: Search for “LONGVIN”

Step 4: Change werte to the VIN with active services.

Step 5: Save CAFD

Step 6: Code FDL

Step 7: Exit ESYS

Step 8: Open TOOL32

Step 9: Load enavevo.prg

Step 10 Click steuern_routine and choose to a provision in the argument field, run job (F5).

Step 11: Wait 1 minute

Step 12: Click steuergrate_reset

Step 13: Go to Media, Edit Mobile Devices, Add New Device.

Step 14: CarPlay should appear there.

Step 15: Put car to sleep (close it for at least 6 minutes)

Step 16: Enjoy Apple Carplay on Entrynav2.


You can check out the repair instruction videos made by our experienced technicians here: Car Diagnostic Software

These are the detailed instructions on how to connect to BMW apple carplay . However, as you can see, this is a challenging process even for technicians. In order to avoid complicated errors arising, our experienced technicians are always willing to support your coding quickly whenever you need.
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