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DTS Monaco is software that supports coding and programming for Mercedes models from 2018 to the present. So how to use the functions of this software easily? You can download the DTS Monaco training PDF FREE here.

What is DTS Monaco?

DTS Monaco is specialized software for technicians in the process of repairing Mercedes. It was born after Vediamo software to support new Mercedes models. You can use it for diagnostics, Flash Programming offline, ECU Exchange, Quick Check,…

Currently, DTS Monaco software has 2 versions, 8.1 6 and 9.02.
Version 8.16: Support car models from 2018 to 2021
Version 9.02: Support car models from 2021 to present



Currently, many people use version 8.16 because with 2018 models, many cars have expired warranties from the company, so they will bring it to repair at the garage, and with new cars from 2021 to now, car owners will Bring it in for warranty.

In the past, technicians used to use SCN online to do coding and programming, but now it’s blocked so can’t perform that function anymore. So 2 software, Vediamo and DTS Monaco were born to support flashing offline to replace SCN online. If you are a professional technician, depending on the model of your vehicle, you can choose the appropriate version. So how to use DTS Monaco software easily? Take a look at the contents of this manual right away.

Contents of DTS Monaco training pdf


The DTS Monaco training pdf will provide you with the following information:

DTS Monaco Basic Knowledge

  • Preparation of CBFs for Carlines: How to find CBF, explanation of ECU, CBF, SMR
  • Implementation of ECU databases


  • Opening certain diagnose areas


  • Certain important produces
  • Backup ECU data
  • Restoring ECU data
  • Seedkey explanation

DTS-Monaco-training-pdf-seed-key DTS-Monaco-training-pdf-variant-coding

DTS Monaco variant coding

  • Possible coding and chance in certain carlines
  • Turn signal flasher changed from 3x to 5x & closing signal flash number
  • NTG 4 command
  • Instrument cluster


  • Door closing, Opening sound and volume change


  • Start/stop function


  • Speed limit assistant activate all country


  • Deactivate tire pressure control system


  • Vmax change


  • Page Marker
  • Air condition


  • Change of chassis height and weight


  • NGT command 4.5
  • Deactivation of airmatic due to hardware of chassis
  • Turn on LED bow with daylight
  • Retrofit option
  • HU5 possibilities
  • Retrofit AMG
  • Retrofit MPC camera
  • Trunk lid key closing
  • Activate EDW

Millage check

  • Mileage ECUs
  • Millage in Keys


Flashing a ECU

  • Preparation before flashing: How to find the correct CFF, Telematic disks
  • Flashing a ECU with CFF



  • Sync IC to EZS
  • SBC renew/reset by DAS
  • Transmission
  • Entering Engineering menu




  • Retrofit rear led light
  • Retrofit anti theft option
  • Retrofit full led taillights
  • Keyless go entry
  • Speed Limit assist
  • Activation of drive dynamic seats
  • Rear facelift lights
  • Rear camera



Technicians need to know how to use all the supporting Mercedes diagnostic software such as Xentry, EPC, Starfinder, Wis/arsa, .. to make your repair process simple and easy. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Document Highlights

In this manual will detail each step of use through instructions and clear illustrations. DTS Monaco training pdf is not only for technicians who are new to this software but also for long-time technicians.

The document provides repair instructions, offline coding for the most popular functions such as light, vmax, condition, Flash ECU, retrofix, … for Mercedes vehicles from 2018 to present.
These materials are completely free so you can download and view them for more useful information and knowledge.

You can refer to the software about Mercedes in our Mercedes Tool section. We send you the DTS Monaco manual PDF FREE as a thank you for trusting our website. Hope the above article will help you with useful information. If you want to be consulted about Mercedes-Benz software and equipment, you can send a message via the website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest advice and support.

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