TOP 3 Best Ford Diagnostic Tool for techinician


Ford diagnostic tool provides maximum support for technicians in diagnosing and programming Ford vehicles. Are you looking for a device that suits your vehicle and needs? Follow the detailed introduction of diagnostic and programming aids for Ford vehicles in the article of Eurocartool below.

Ford Diagnostic Tool

On the market today, there are many diagnostic tools for Ford vehicles, each with different advantages, making it difficult for users to choose. Here is a summary of some of the best diagnostic and programming devices for Ford vehicles and are chosen by technicians the most:

  • VCM II
  • SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Tool STIC
  • Ford Autophix FD100 OBDII

These devices can work with specialized software in the process of reading errors, deleting errors, looking up, coding and programming such as IDS, FDRS, FJDS,…

VCM II Professional Diagnostic Equipment

VCM II is known as the ultimate diagnostic and programming tool for all Ford vehicles. This vehicle will make the connection between the laptop and the car through the OBD-II port 16 or can be connected via a USB cable or via 802 wireless technology.


The VCM II device combines with the IDS software to perform intensive diagnostics, installation and programming work for all vehicle systems accurately and efficiently. A new feature of the VCM II device is upgraded 802.11 wireless connectivity to reduce dependence on connected devices, making use more active and convenient. The wireless function has proven to be useful as users do not need to sit directly in the vehicle for diagnostics, but can instead be connected remotely from anywhere in the store.

Best Ford Diagnostic Tool – VCM II new version is designed with rubber outer shell, increased impact resistance suitable for working environment at Garage.
The main feature of the VCM II device is intensive system-wide error reading and clearing. In addition, it also supports setting and programming new ECU boxes; install, set up and clear data governor; Reset steering angle; Encode the injector system;…

VCM II will support all current Ford vehicles, however it will be limited to older models.

SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Tool STIC for Ford & Mazda

SVCI J2534 (FORD/MAZDA STIC) is a specialized diagnostic device for Ford/Mazda. This device is fully compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partially compatible with SAE J2534-2. It supports most vehicle communication protocols and can be used as a PassThru device for a variety of dealer-grade diagnostic software. And it can be used as an ELM327 device, support most ELM327 software, but the manufacturer only has software for Ford and Mazda.


Once connected to the vehicle, SVCI will automatically recognize the vehicle information and VIN number and will perform in-depth data reading and error clearing functions of all vehicle systems, Besides, it also supports install, program new ECU box system such as PCM, ABS, Power steering, Automatic transmission, Airbag, Fuel pump, install, set and clear data of governor,… In addition, SVCI also provides troubleshooting and troubleshooting guides for technicians and many other in-depth features.

SVCI device can also support Ford models until 2020 when using FDRS software

Ford Autophix 7150 OBDII

AUTOPHIX 7150 handheld diagnostic device is one of the best ford diagnostic tool possessing 6 OBD2 test modes such as read/erase code, view real-time data/media information, retrieve ready status I /M and check the EVAP system, etc.

The Ford Autophix 7150 is fully upgraded to provide a comprehensive diagnostic method for all vehicle systems such as Engine, ABS, SAS, SRS, EPB, TCM, BAT, ETC, KAM, IQA , BMS, Suspension, D-P-F Parameter Reset, Drive Learning, Fuel Pump System, etc. The machine will perform a car diagnostic scan to provide you with all the data information and the location of the problems on the vehicle. From that information, you can effectively and accurately read and remove trouble codes from all systems.


Equipped with the most advanced industrial chip in 2022, the scanning speed of this car diagnostic machine is 3 times faster than a conventional code reader, and shows you the cause of the error and how to fix it. Most surprisingly, its diagnostic accuracy can reach 100%. In addition, the car scanner has a full data stream and can classify data streams, displaying live vehicle sensor data as text and graphs so you can view them more intuitively.

The best diagnostic tool AUTOPHIX 7150 owns an LCD screen with a quality color resolution of 2.6″ TFT 262K so that users can see and display test results clearly.Besides, with a silicon keyboard design, you can easily access each menu option, the on-screen menu layout is easy to understand, you won’t have a hard time figuring out how to do what you need.The exterior of the Ford Autophix 7150 is surrounded by Strong anti-drop shell, good strength and extremely good impact resistance.

This device supports the following car models:

  • Supports the vehicles of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury after 1996 with 16PIN Socket, including F150, Transit, VAN
  • Supports OBDII/EOBD Modes of operation
  • Works on most after 1996 OBDII-compliant US, European and Asian vehicles

Above is a summary of some of the most commonly used Bes Ford Diagnostic Tools on the market today. If you want to own the best Ford diagnostic tool, contact us via Whatsapp:+1-848-294-6626 for a free consultation.

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