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Starfinder Mercedes Download Link Free for Laptop/PC and a detailed download guide will be shared in the article below. Operational steps are shared directly from Eurocartool experts, it will be shown in images and videos to help you easily follow and follow. Follow the content in the article below.


Starfinder Mercedes is a software designed to overcome the disadvantages of needing too many operations of WIS software, saving technicians time when needed to find the document of the circuit diagram, the location of the jack, or the location of the broken detail for the car. If you face any difficulty during download and installation please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355. Our technician will assist you.


In next section, Eurocartool will show you how to download and install Starfinder software

Version of Starfinder Mercedes

Starfinder is a comprehensive software tool for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, continuously evolves with updated versions to cater to the diagnostic and programming needs of newer vehicle models. Let’s delve into the distinct features of each Starfinder version:

Starfinder Mercedes 2016:

  • The inaugural version, primarily focused on providing basic lookup functionalities for Mercedes vehicles manufactured before 2016.

  • Key features include:

    • Electrical circuit diagrams
    • Component location
    • Structural details of specific components

Starfinder 2022:

  • Starfinder 2022 includes data for the 2016 and 2020 versions. In addition, the software also updates the data of the latest Mercedes-Benz models. Next, the 2022 version has redesigned the interface to increase the user experience with sharper and clearer images than the old versions.

Mercedes Starfinder 2023:

  • The most recent Starfinder iteration released by Mercedes, packed with enhanced capabilities:

    • Connectors lookup
    • Control Module lookup
    • Vehicle support extended up to 2023
    • Wider range of compatible vehicle models
    • Circuit diagram of the car system

starfinder- mercedes-diagram-lookup

    • Location of connectors


    • Location of each detail on the vehicle (position sensor, SAMF, SAMB, ….)

Starfinder and WIS/ARSA are both software that support circuit diagram lookup for Mercedes. Even though it has the same function, Starfinder is still favored as it can provide data for car models up to 2023 while WIS/ARSA can only look up car models up to 2021.
With the WIS/ARSA 2021 version, there are still many maintenance and errors that make you spend more time looking up.

Starfinder Mercedes free download steps

Step 1: After downloading the Starfinder software, extract it to drive C


Step 2: Fill the PassWord provided by Eurocartool, Waiting for Exact Process complete


Step 3: Open Folder “Starfinder 2023” in Drive C


Step 4: Sent the file “WebETM” to desktop


Step 5: Rename file


In this article, Eurocartool will guide you to download and install Starfinder software version 2022. If you are repairing old cars, this will be a suitable version for you. Because this version only supports looking up diagrams for Mercedes models up to 2016.
However, now, Starfinder has a new version of 2023, updating data for car models up to 2023, the x167, w205, w213, VAN 903, 906, Vito 447, Smart 453 and new car models: w206, w223, w247, w293, w297.

Below Here is a video on how to install Starfinder, please see:

Notes when Starfinder download and istall

The Starfinder Mercedes free download will take longer or be interrupted during the download if you do not follow the following:

  • Turn off virus scanning browser on Windows operating system
  • Turn off parts Virus scanning software you are using the
  • Internet with a stable connection, avoiding disconnection while downloading files.

Above are the steps that you need to download and install Starfinder that we have compiled. In addition to Starfinder, you can use some other search software such as Mercedes EPC, Mercedes WIS, SD media,… available at Mercedes Tool catagories. If you encounter any problems in any process, please contact us immediately to receive the fastest response. Eurocartool technicians are available 24/7 to support you whenever you need!!

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