[REVIEW] BMW ICOM NEXT – Best BMW tool 2024


BMW ICOM NEXT review: Durable design, strong diagnostic performance, significantly upgraded Programming and coding capabilities,… Overall, BMW ICOM Next is a diagnostic device worth owning for every auto repair garage. Let’s delve into a comprehensive review of the NEXT ICOM, highlighting its key features, performance capabilities, and overall value proposition in Eurocartool’s article below.

BMW ICOM NEXT Special feature

ICOM BMW NEXT is an upgraded version of ICOM A2 and ICOM-P, currently being used commonly in auto repair garages. At the heart of the BMW ICOM lies its unparalleled diagnostic prowess. It empowers technicians to delve into the intricate workings of BMW vehicles, identifying and rectifying faults with precision and efficiency. The tool’s comprehensive diagnostic capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of functions, including:

  • Diagnose all BMW models: support from old to new models.
  • In-depth error reading and clearing: read errors visually and display errors systematically.
  • BMW Next ICOM can Read data from all vehicle systems: view live data in real-time with accuracy.
  • Electronic control mechanism activation function: activates all control systems on the vehicle, and quickly locates the fault.
  • Review maintenance and repair information: description of the system in question, and maintenance information.
  • Repair and disassembly instructions with pictures: easily repair the damage with specific repair instructions on sensor location, power jack, and overview circuit diagram.


Breakthrough Feature of ICOM NEXT Device

ICOM NEXT BMW is an in-depth diagnostic software that has all the features such as management of vehicle information systems, support for engine systems, electrical systems… Besides, this tool also developed more breakthrough features such as:

  • Gbit LAN conference, backward compatible
  • Prepare for Gbit LAN on vehicle OBD (cars do not support this interface and is yet to be defined, ICOM will be required to adapt hardware for future Gbit automotive interfaces, which will incur adaptation costs)
  • Fast boot times and high throughput
  • Uses high performance ARM SoCs, high power low quality
  • Improved handling
  • More OBD cables for convenient connection
  • Lights up button when logging in, etc.

Compare ICOM A2 vs ICOM NEXT:


ICOM NEXT BMW is developed from ICOM A2 and ICOM P so will Good performance features:

  • Can diagnose all BMW models.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Works with the same ISTA-D ISTA-P software for identical BMW Vehicles.
  • Excellent performance and affordable price.



In addition to the common points, there are also differences such as:

  • With a new look, BMW Next ICOM has a different black and white color compared to the old version.
  • Software and functionality: These two BMW tools share the same software but differ in their firmware tuning capabilities. BMW ICOM NEXT has a better PCB board.
  • BMW ICOM A + B + C is an upgraded version of BMW ICOM A2, functionally compatible with ICOM A2, but more stable in programming, faster startup time and higher throughput.
  • Connection method: The BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic interface cannot support wireless. It only connects USB, while the ICOM BMW supports Wi-Fi, a package that contains a Wi-Fi adapter.

Some software ICOM NEXT supports

Diagnostic software ISTA+/D

BMW ISTA+/D is a software that helps technicians read errors, clear errors, activate the system, test plan, update and program, look up circuit diagrams and part locations.
ISTA+/D can be used to diagnose all BMW models, but it can only program BMW F- / I- / G- / Mini / RR models and above.

Programming/Application Software ISTA-P Integrated Services Engineering
ISTA P is the replacement of the old SSS Progman software, ISTA-P used to handle all the coded dependent control modules, programmed and activated on many BMW models.


ETK Electronic Parts Catalog Software

BMW ETK is software that searches for parts by model, VIN number, serial number, a catalog containing a list of possible applications of a part, and a program consisting of service bulletin. Make it easy to find certain parts and programs to identify existing and potential problems, perform maintenance, and troubleshoot BMW equipment.

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