Coding and programing ESP Mercedes W166 with DTS Monaco

You want to coding the ESP Mercedes module but you do not know the coding and programming steps. Don’t know where to find information? Do not skip this article because Eurocartool will provide you with information on how to identify errors and guide the steps to coding and programming with ESP Mercedes. Let’s discover together now!

What is ESP Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes ESP stands for ‘Electronic Stability Program’, which also means Mercedes’ electronic stability system and is also known as ‘Electronic Stability Control – ESC’. The ESP module Mercedes
system is set up and equipped on cars with the main purpose of helping the vehicle to move stably, balance, and thereby ensure the safety of the vehicle when participating in traffic.

How to identify Mercedes ESP errors on Dashboard and software?

When replacing the new ESP module Mercedes, many technicians must have encountered this error displayed on the Dashboard or diagnostic software of the following models: W204 (Mercedes- Benz C-Class), W906 (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van), W156 (GLA-Class), W164 (GLE-Class), W166, W212 (E-Class), W213, W221 (S-Class), W222, W253 (GLC), W156, W164, W205, W251 (R-Class), W117,… Below we give the error displayed on the Mercedes GLE-Class W166:

  • The ESP on Mercedes error displayed on the Dashboard

ESP Mercedes error displayed on Taplo

  • Error displayed on Xentry software ” N30/4 Mercedes “

ESP Mercedes error displayed on Xentry

Before proceeding to fix Mercedes Benz ESP errors, what should be prepared? How to fix the error? Find out below.

How to coding ESP Mercedes?

Below are detailed instructions to help you code and program the ESP Mercedes easily. However, you also need to prepare the necessary software and equipment as follows.

Equipment to prepare coding ESP control module

For the coding and programming process to take place effectively, you need to prepare the following equipment:

  • DTS Monaco Software for engineers used for offline programming and coding when replacing some control box on the car; Read, clear errors, reset control box; Change the previous control box setting value parameter.
  • SD connect C4, which is equipment to support in-depth diagnostics of vehicle systems. In addition to SD Connect C4, you can use other devices that can connect stably with DTS Moncao software
  • Xentry diagnostic software: Depending on the connected device, you can choose Xentry Openshell or Xentry Passthru
  • Laptop

Step by step to coding and programming ESP Mercedes Benz

After performing the diagnosis and determining the error the vehicle is experiencing.The coding ESP Mercedes process goes through the following steps:
(note: follow the correct sequence of steps)

Step 1: Make sure your vehicle is parked and secured at the right position, easy to perform operations.
Check the connected devices and software. Proceed to connect the vehicle controller with the software and the device.
Use Xentry software to control the N30/4 control box and reset the previous control box.


Step 2: Open DTS Monaco => Flash programming => select Session control for ESP166
Select logical links ESP166

Step 3: Go to quick test => Select ECU and select start to conduct the test


Step 4: Click on Diagnostic service, select ECU to diagnose


Step 5: Access Diagnostic trouble code, select ECU and press “connect”

Step 6: Read DTCs, select DTCs to clear and select “clear selected DTCs”


Step 7: Select Flash programming, then press Run to flash ESP166


Step 8: Select “Diagnostic trouble code”, connect ECU, then read DTCs and clear DTCs that need to be removed


Step 9: Go to “Quick test” and press start to test


Step 10: Select “Diagnostic services”, select ECU to diagnose

Step 11: Select Diangostic trouble code and proceed to read the DTCs and delete the DTCs that need to be removed again

Step 12: Go to “Variant coding”, select ECU, select domain [002] Bremse VA and select “do coding”

Variant-coding-Esp-mercedes Esp-mercedes-coding-and-programming-6

Step 13: Go to Diangostic trouble code and read DTCs

Step 14: Access “Variant coding” select domain [003]lenkung and proceed with coding


Continue to select Domain [004]Einspurmodel, select meaning and proceed with coding


Select Domain [006]Laengstregler, select meaning as shown and select “do coding”


Select Domain [007] Tachoeichkurven, select meaning and proceed with coding


Select Domain [008] ARM, select meaning C292Lufe and coding


Select Domain [009] Ay-limiter, select as shown and proceed with coding


Step 15: Select Diangostic trouble code and read DTCs and select “clear all DTCs”


Step 16: Access “Variant coding”, select domain [010]Bremse HA, select “166 Bremse HA” and proceed with coding


Select Domain [011] iTPM zGG parameter, select meaning X166 3200kg, select “do coding”


Step 17: Select Diangostic trouble code and read DTCs and select “clear all DTCs”

Step 18: Go to “Diangostic Service”, search for [11] Hardreset, perform reset and finish


 Reset the ESP hardware to clear the error and check When the debugging process is complete, the Dashboard displays the following:


Watch the programming detailed video Coding and programming ESP Mercedes tutorial Details here or watch right below:

Some important notes when coding ESP Mercedes

During coding and programming ESP Mercedes, it is important to pay attention to choosing the correct software number code, also known as flash files. This is very important, if you choose the wrong software number, it will lead to the box being locked. At this point, you only have to contact Mercedes to unlock it. So be careful in every step!

If you are looking to replace the Mercedes ESP control box with software, then the above article is for you. However, to be able to carry out the programming and coding process needs experienced technicians. So if you have any questions about the automotive repair process, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest advice and answers. At Eurocartool, a team of technicians with many years of experience will support you 24/7 and bring you the best experience.


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