How To Fix Mercedes Air Conditioning W222 Not Working?

Think about what would happen if the Mercedes air conditioning didn’t work in the hot summer weather or the cold winter weather? You do not know the reason why the air conditioner does not work yet? Or have you found the cause but don’t know how to fix it?
Let’s find out with Eurocartool the causes of the air conditioner not working and how to fix this problem in the article below.

Causes of air conditioners not working

Causes of Mercedes Air conditioning not working today: Problems Compressor-related problems (Compressor faulty), cooling fan malfunction, refrigerant leak, condenser leak (Condenser Leaking), system failure… Here are 3 main causes leading to Air-conditioning system problems not working:

  • Compressor lock: This problem occurs when the compressor lock has been stuck in the ON-OFF position, or the car has an accident. The air conditioner box locks the control function for the compressor (look air conditioner) and causes no error but the air conditioning system does not work
  • Cooling fan: It may be because the connection between the fan and the system is loose or when the air conditioning fan system is broken, it won’t blow gas into your vehicle.
  • Refrigerant leaking is also one of the main causes of this problem

Mercedes air conditioning System

Among the above causes, cooling fan problems and coolant leaks are easy to fix, while the compressor lock requires direction. instructions on the repair step in the most detailed and careful way. Especially with Mercedes models, even a small negligence can cause serious consequences.
So what do you need to prepare to unlock the car’s air conditioner? Read the information below now!

Error ” Mercedes Air Conditioning” identification

For Mercedes models, a technician must have encountered many of these cases on models such as W204, W906, W204, W156, W164, W166, W212, W213, W221, W222, W253, W156, W164, W205, W251, W166, W117… In this article, Eurocartool will guide you to identify errors and detail the steps to correct errors on the W222 series.

*Error displayed on Xentry software

Error displayed on Xentry
The error displayed on Xentry software

Equipment to be prepared for repair

To repair Mercedes air conditioning problem quickly and efficiently you need to prepare the following equipment:

  • DTS Monaco: Here are 2 software for engineers to use for offline programming and coding when replacing certain control boxes on vehicles; Read, clear errors, reset control box; Change parameters of previous control box setting value.
  • Seedkey vediamo
  • Xentry diagnostic software
  • C4 device This is a supported device for In-depth diagnostics of vehicle systems.


Detailed instructions Mercedes AC not working

Here are the detailed steps to fix the Mercedes air conditioning error:

Step 1: Proceed to park and fix the car in a flat position for easy implementation repair

Step 2: Check the necessary equipment and make connections

Step 3: Use Xenty software to diagnostic error


Step 4: Check the name of the air conditioner control box in Xentry is HVAC


Step 5: Connect the air conditioner control box in the DTS Monaco environment, then proceed to re-programming

Connect the air conditioner control box in DTS monaco environment, then proceed to reprogramming

Step 6: Reset hardware and remove boot errors and check operation



*Displayed after troubleshooting

Displayed after troubleshooting

Here is a detailed Mercedes benz air conditioning repair video tutorial:

Support from Eurocartool

When you encounter A new error it takes a lot of time to find out the cause and how to fix it, in the process, unexpected problems may arise. Especially with Mercedes, cars always need meticulousness and no mistakes. Understanding that, Eurocartool always has a team of technicians and a customer care department ready to support you.
If you are having problems with Mercedes air conditioning not working as above, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp +1-848-294-6626 for advice and solve the problem as quickly as possible!

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