How To Fix The Intelligent Light System Inoperative W204?

Troubleshooting the Intelligent Light System not working W204 Mercedes needs to use Xentry software, DTS Monaco, and some other devices. Like all equipment in cars, after a period of use, it will all break down and need repair. Some errors will be notified on the screen when they appear, the most important thing is that when we detect errors, we should fix them soon so that when participating in traffic, it is safe.

Why Intelligent Light System not working?

The Mercedes Benz Intelligent Light System (ILS) incorporates LED technology to provide illumination that exceeds traditional headlights by an additional 10 meters. Combining xenon gas discharge headlights with cutting-edge technology, the ILS enables precise control over the projection of light both vertically and horizontally. In select models, the ILS can dynamically adjust the angle of light rotation during cornering maneuvers.


Mercedes Intelligent Light System not working because the main reason is that the Continental LED Control controller is broken or faulty. Prolonged usage or exposure to moisture, such as in the event of a collision causing the LED module to become malfunctions. Common symptoms of such issues may include:

  • Failure of lights to illuminate
  • Inoperable Mode Glance feature during turning
  • One side light failing to illuminate

When diagnosing and repairing these issues, an error message indicating “Intell. Light system no funciona” may appear on the IC board. This guide will provide detailed steps for troubleshooting and resolving such errors to ensure optimal functionality of the Mercedes ILS.

Warnings when ILS has a Problem

When the ILS light has a problem, there will be cases where there will be no notification then you have to pay attention to the status of the light, and Normally, an error message will be displayed on the control panel:


  • Adaptive Headlights Inoperative
  • Intell.Light System inoperative
  • Intelligent Light System inoperative
  • Adapt. main beam system inoperative
  • Front right parking lamp
  • Front left parking lamp
  • Left daytime driving lamp
  • Front left turn signal
  • Front right turn signal
  • Parklicht vorne links
  • Parklicht vorne rechts
  • Blinker vorne links
  • Blinker vorne rechts
  • Abblendlicht links
  • Abblendlicht rechts
  • Blinker vorne links
  • rechts
  • ILS ohne Funktion

Guide to repair Mercedes Intelligent Light System Not Working

The solution in this case of W204 Intelligent Light System not working is to use specialized software to diagnose errors and calibrate the lighting system.

Software and device requirements

Mercedes intelligent light system Troubleshooting steps:

After Fully prepare the necessary software and equipment, You will repair auto lamp function inoperative according to the following steps:
Step 1: Connect the Xentry Mercedes software to the vehicle

Step 2: Run the Xentry software – determine the software number

Step 3 : Identify fault in HLC166
Step 4: Connect DTS Monaco to HLC166

Step 5: Reprogramming and select the coding item, select the function suitable for the vehicle

Step 6: Go to Xentry and select Calibration to reset the control box

Step 7: Check the Mercedes intelligent light system and test drive

Support from Eurocartool

Above are the steps instructions on how to fix Intelligent Light System with encryption software. However, these operations require technicians with extensive experience in using encryption software. If you need assistance during Mercedes ILS repair or booking Mercedes auto light inoperative reset service, contact us WhatsApp: +13155472355 Our team of technicians is ready to assist you 24/7. You will surely be satisfied when using the service!

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