FORD IDS Download and Install Version 129 FREE

IDS Download and Install Tutorial helps you perform operations more quickly and accurately. Are you looking for how to download IDS diagnostic software? Follow the detailed information shared by Eurocartool technicians in the article below.

What is IDS software?

IDS refers to Integrated Diagnostic Software, is a specialized diagnostic software for Ford/Mazda vehicles.

When using specialized diagnostic equipment combined with Ford IDS software, users can diagnose all Ford models and some Mazda models on the current market. With this version, technicians can diagnose fault codes, read ECU information, read dynamic data, activate actuators, and reset and program electronic control boxes on the vehicle.

How to download and install IDS?

Hardware requirement

To download this software effectively, your computer or laptop configuration requirements should have the following:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) Or Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Core i5
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB
  • SSD Hard Drive: 20GB free space

Some professional laptops for Ford technicians: Laptop Panasonic CF-D1, Laptop Panasonic CF-19, Laptop Panasonic CF-31, Laptop Panasonic CF-53

IDS download and Install step by step

Step 1: Access to to download Ford IDS software


Step 2: Click to download software IDS 129 Full FDRS 35.5.5

Step 3: Click “Run as Administrator” to start the installation


Step 4: Select the language and press “Next”


Step 5: Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” then click “Next”

Step 6: Press Next and Wait for download


Step 7: Select OK to continue the installation


Step 8: Continue to download Update IDS 129.07 software

clicking “Run as administrations” and Waiting for Installing


Step 9: Download VCI Software


Run as Administrator and Installing


Sep 10: Plug in the connecting device (VCM2) and open IDS 129.07 to read vehicle diagnostics


Note: The IDS software will work without a license, but it cannot connect with your car. Before buying any hardware, you may examine the program interface and the various IDS functionalities by downloading the software.

  • You need to leave the computer in always-on mode, to avoid letting it crash or turn off the screen, causing interruptions to the IDS download and installation process.
  • Turn off antivirus and firewall mode
  • Make sure your computer configuration and capacity are right
  • It is necessary to follow the correct steps to avoid errors when running the software
  • Download the full version as in the instructions

See detail video manual here:


Above are the detailed steps to IDS download and install when you buy products at Eurocartool. If you have any questions or have difficulty using the software, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a free consultation.

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