Ford VCM 3 Professional Diagnostic Tool


Following the success of VCM and Ford VCM 2 diagnostic equipment, Ford VCM 3 is a newly launched device with many outstanding and reliable features. With VCM 3, you can easily diagnose and meet the maintenance needs of many modern vehicles. Join Eurocartool to learn more about VCM 3 diagnostic equipment in the article below.

Information about Ford VCM 3

The Ford VCM 3 is a device approved by Ford and authorized for use by authorized dealers such as Ford Europe Authorized Repairer, Ford Accident Repair Centers and Independent Motor Trade network. Ford VCM 3 offers a powerful diagnostic system, modular reprogramming, key programming and all other functions… to meet the needs of modern vehicle maintenance.

The VCM 3 diagnostic device works best with the IDS software. Once connected, this interface opens up a complete range of diagnostics for current and future Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. VCM3 is required for all new 2022 Ford vehicles and is backward compatible with most 16 pin Fords.


Outstanding functions of Ford VCM 3

The Ford VCM 3 is a specialized diagnostic device used to diagnose problems on Ford vehicles. This device is an upgraded version of previous versions such as VCM and VCM2, so it offers many special functions such as:

In-depth diagnostics

Ford VCM 3 is designed to provide in-depth OEM diagnostics for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles via the 16pin OBD II port. Working in conjunction with Ford IDS software, a specialized software used to diagnose and plan maintenance for Ford vehicles, users can diagnose problems on Ford vehicles and perform operations. easy maintenance and repair.

Convenient connection port

The Ford VCM 3 diagnostic device can be easily connected to Ford vehicles via the OBD-II port and allows access to the parameters and functions of the car’s electronic system. This device provides users with the functions of fault diagnosis, reading and clearing fault codes, adjusting parameters of engine and other systems in the car.



Remote connection

802.11 wireless communication provides a quick and direct connection to a laptop computer, allowing technicians to work remotely. With this wireless connectivity feature, you can minimize your reliance on wired connections, helping you perform better even in harsh environments. In addition, the new Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) software has prioritized wireless connectivity for all IDS functions including module reprogramming.

Quick update: Simply connect a USB cord to download codes, update VCM 3, and perform easy VCM 3 setup. You can optionally add CFR to provide coverage for legacy and future vehicles.

CFR function: Customer Flight Recording (CFR) functionality with optional sling Cable industry standard J1962 Data Link Connector (DLC) and USB cable.

Convenient indicator light: Four LED indicators and signaling devices provide technicians with continuous visual and audible operational status.

Connect to the software

This VCM III can work with the latest Ford diagnostic software such as Ford IDS, Ford FDRS, Ford FJDS. These are the best software for diagnosing and programming Ford vehicles today.

VCM 3 Ford is designed with the same appearance as VCM II and has the same features. This device does not have many new and outstanding features in terms of the features it brings, however it is highly expected in the future as a device that can replace VCM II and diagnose for other lines. new car.

Ford VCM 3 is a specialized high-end diagnostic device used to diagnose problems on Ford vehicles. This device provides users with functions of fault diagnosis and adjustment of vehicle system parameters to help users find the cause of problems and provide suitable solutions. If you have any questions or difficulties when using the software or want to consult more about the device, please contact us immediately via WhatsApp: +13155472355

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