Top 5 Ford obd2 scanner – best choise for technician


Ford obd2 scanner is known to be the best tools to perform diagnostics, live data reading or even encryption for Ford vehicles. This tool possesses advanced functions and can allow technicians to access hidden data to perform in-depth repairs. So which OBD2 Scanner for Ford devices are most commonly used at garages? Let’s follow the information shared in the article below of Eurocartool.

What is Ford obd2 scanner?

OBD stands for “onboard diagnostics” and OBD2 is the most advanced version of the “OBD” diagnostic tool. Automotive diagnostic tools are state-of-the-art technological devices designed to perform precise fault diagnosis and perfect repair. They are portable devices that can connect to a 16-pin connector located under the steering column, this plug is available on most cars.

This device can be used for many different car models, helping to recognize the status of the used car and provide timely handling. Thanks to that, technicians can know exactly what car problems are encountered easily and accurately. From there, it is possible to take timely remedial measures to ensure safety when using vehicles on the road.


Top 5 Ford obd2 scanner

Below is a summary of 5 Ford obd2 scanners that we have synthesized the most used by technicians today.

OBD2 Scanner for Ford – Foxwell NT530

The Foxwell NT530 is the new improved product based on NT520 Pro and NT510 Pro. This device will have faster performance and be easier to update than older versions. Foxwell NT530 is designed for Ford cars from about 1999 onwards (belonging to models with a 16-pin OBD-II diagnostic socket).

This scanning tool allows users to read and clear fault codes of all electronic control systems, and reset oil and service lights, plus more advanced features such as bidirectional component transmission and modular encoder – usually only found in high end professional tools like GT90.
In particular, the Foxwell NT530 has a relatively low price, but it provides almost complete and comprehensive diagnostics for vehicles in general and Ford in particular, so it is very



  • Read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from most (if not all) electronically controlled systems, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Automatic Transmission, Immobiliser, and Climate Control
  • Turns off dashboard warning lights
  • Displays fault code definitions on-screen (where available)
  • Displays live sensor data
  • Displays live data graphs, including graph merging
  • Resets oil service indicator (on most Ford models this is done through the dashboard/pedals, without needing a tool)
  • Performs Electronic Parking Brake service functions
  • Performs bi-directional component actuation – manually operating components on the car to test their function
  • Offers some module coding support
  • Reads and Erases engine fault codes on EOBD-compliant cars (all* 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars)
  • Display live engine sensor data on EOBD-compliant cars
  • Multilingual menu options and code definitions
  • 2.8-inch backlit color LCD display
  • No batteries required – powered from the car’s diagnostic port

Device highlights

  • Rugged design offers good impact resistance and impact resistance
  • Compact size, very suitable for carrying or storing in the garage
  • Read engine fault codes and live engine sensor data on EOBD cars as well as extended functionality for Ford vehicles
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Large TFT color display makes it easy to see error code information

Ford obd2 scanner- Autophix 7150

Autophix 7150 is Ford obd2 scanner, which is a scanning tool that can effectively read and clear fault codes, thereby saving you more money and time in auto diagnostics.
This unit has a lot of features, including battery registration, oil lamp service reset, ABS Service Bleed, PCM KAM Reset, fault data memory clearing, SAS calibration, Fuel injector correction factor data, reset DPF parameters, etc.

The 2.6 TFT 262K True Color LCD display makes it easy for the tool to display test results, and with the soft silicone keypad you can check each menu option to understand the results and figure out how to solve them. resolve identified problems.


One of the weaknesses of the AUTOPHIX-7150 is the scanner’s inability to perform forced DPF reconstruction in either static or dynamic modes. Also, the car scan tool only supports updates on Windows; you cannot update it on MAC OS. Finally, the AUTOPHIX-7150 does not support ABS pump activation.


  • Full OBDII functions: Read Fault Codes, Erase Fault Codes, Read Datastream, Vehicle Information, EVAP test;
  • Oil Lamp Reset: Reset the oil life systems every time the oil and oil filter are changed;
  • Injector Coding: Code new injector numbers to replace the previous one when fitting the new injectors or after the replacement is completed;
  • Electronic Parking Brake Reset: Deactivate and activate the brake control system, assist with brake fluid control, open and close brake pads, etc;
  • Steering Angle Calibration: Perform steering angle sensor calibration and clear records;
  • Battery Register / Battery Maintenance: Evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the closed-circuit current, register the battery replacement, etc;
  • Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn: Initialize the throttle actuators so that the “learned” values stored on ECU are returned to the default state;
  • TPMS Reset: Tire pressure resetting is required to be performed after maintenance is performed;
  • Reset Transmission Tables, Reset the Powertrain Control Module Learned Values, Reset the oil change indicator, Reset the Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor Learned Values, Reset the Fuel Injector
  • Learned Values, Reset the Fuel Injection Pump Learned Values, Reset the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Learned Values, Reset the Diesel P-articulate Filter Learned Values, Reset TCM KAM, Reset KAM, BMS Reset, D-P-F Reset, D-P-F Parameter Reset, TPMS reset, Reset the Intake Air Throttle Valve Learned Values;
  • Clear Transmission Adaptive Tables Reset PCM KAM, Clear crash data memory, Transmission Learning, Steering Wheel Position Sensor Calibration, Steering angle sensor calibration, IQA, Injector Correction
  • Factors, Fuel Injector Correction Factors, Fuel Injection Pump Learn, EPB Maintenance Mode, EPB, D-P-F Regeneration Suspension, D-P-F Manual Regeneration, Diesel Particulate Filter Static Regeneration, Clear CTR Adaptive Tables.


OBDLink MX+ is an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner that diagnoses and displays your car’s fault codes. It can be used wirelessly and supports Android, iOS and Windows devices.

The tool works by synchronizing it with one of the many supported apps, including the device’s own OBDLink app which works pretty well. It’s a small scanner and takes up little space under your car’s dashboard.
OBDLink MX Plus can do a variety of things like reading and clearing check engine light codes, checking ABS and SRS codes on a variety of vehicles, displaying fuel usage, providing TPMS, and more.


Special Functions

  • Enhanced Diagnostics: read (and clear) manufacturer-specific codes and access live parameters on a wide range of Ford, GM, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles
  • GM-LAN and Ford MS-CAN: read and clear trouble codes from ECUs on proprietary vehicle networks that are off-limits to BlueDriver and FIXD
  • Unmatched performance: MX+ is 300% faster than the closest competitor – display multiple live parameters and enjoys smooth gauges & graphs
  • Dozens of compatible apps and more are added all the time!
  • Intelligent sleep mode: plug it in, and forget about it — it won’t drain your car’s battery
  • Hacker-proof: unique security mechanism eliminates the risk of unauthorized access
  • Rock-solid connection: no dropped packets, no gaps in the data

VCM2 – Ford obd2 tool


VCM II is the new Ford OEM diagnostic tool. When combined with IDS software, the duo will provide dealer-grade diagnostics for most 16-pin Fords. A great new feature of VCM 2 is its ability to communicate wirelessly with a laptop or PC without hardware or software upgrades. This allows technicians to work on the vehicle remotely while the VCM II is directly connected to the vehicle.


Special Functions

  • Automatic vehicle recognition
  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Live Data stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
  • Guided Fault Finding
  • New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
  • Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
  • Program New Keys
  • Injector Coding
  • Set, Adjust, or Remove Speed Governors
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Steering Angle Resets
  • All Other Dealer Functions

Launch CRP919X Scan Tool

Scanner Launch CRP919X is Ford obd2 scanner, it is a great choice for current Ford models. This is a good choice because it offers comprehensive diagnostics and an impressive range of features at a reasonable price. Its 5.0-inch touchscreen is powered by an internal battery, allowing you to use it without having to run the car. In addition, you can view live data in graph form, reset diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and perform emissions testing with ease.

Another advantage of LaunchCRP919X is a manufacturer that offers free updates for 2 years, as long as you buy from an authorized dealer. With a wide range of great functions such as: 31+ service functions, All system diagnostic scanner, IMMO, CAN FD/DoIP, support more than 100 brands, Upgrade CRP909X with upgraded hardware, machine This scan will provide the necessary information to diagnose your vehicle.



  • 29 Repair Functions
  • Bi-directional Control (Active Test)
  • DoIP & CAN FD Compatible
  • 1996-2022 Vehicle Coverage
  • Updated Hardware Configuration
  • OE-Level All System Diagnostics
  • Car VIN Scan
  • One-click WiFi Updating
  • Full 10 OBD Modes
  • Abundant Online Repair Database

Above is an overview of 5 Ford obd2 scanner for Ford vehicles. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more knowledge when choosing diagnostic devices. If you have any questions during using OBD2 for Ford tool, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for free support.

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