How to change the speed limit Mercedes-Benz?

Currently, many car owners want to change the speed limit for Mercedes. Each country will have its regulations on the vehicle’s maximum speed. Some countries allow driving at a high speed of over 200km/h, other countries do not allow a speed over 180km/h. Therefore, the factory has coded the speed limit Mercedes to run only at 180km/h and lower. If you want to drive at a higher speed, you need to unlock the vehicle’s speed limit, the speed can be up to 250 km/h. So how to do that? Let’s find out in this article!

Why change the speed limit Mercedes-Benz?

Currently, many models of vehicles are limited by the manufacturer’s speed limit. However, some countries allow running at high speed or according to the needs of car owners they want to change the maximum speed to higher.
So it is necessary to do coding to change this limit on the vehicle. However, we do not recommend this function. Because depending on the country, there will be different speed regulations.
You can refer to the steps to change the speed limit to 250 km in the section below.

Software and device requirements

To mercedes speed limiter removal or Vmax (Velocity Maximum), you need to prepare professional devices and software. Especially coding and repairing software needs to be used by experienced technicians to ensure a smooth and effective process.
* Note: Engine change will not adversely affect the engine power and can ensure the safety of the vehicle

Equipment needed

  • Vediamo or DTS Monaco software: Software for engineers, which is used for offline programming and coding when replacing a certain control box on the vehicle. Their functions include reading, clearing errors, resetting the control box, changing previous setting parameters of the control box, etc.
  • C4 DOIP: Diagnose all vehicle systems such as Automatic Transmission, manual transmission (AT, MT), Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Air conditioner system (A / C), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Anti-theft system (DASX), Remote lock control system (KEYLESS GO)…; Read and clear errors in all systems in-depth, etc.

How to change the speed limit Mercedes-Benz?

Here are the steps to change the speed limit using Vediamo
Firstly, you need to connect the device, and software with the vehicle. It is necessary to always turn on the car key. It can cause battery drain so you also need to plug in the battery
Step 1: Open Vediamo software, then select Vecoute. Upload the CBF file from your computer
Step 2: Select System based on DIOGENES data, then select your car’s engine module. Example: MED40 on this car (unlock ME97 without the computer)


Step 3: Choose connection

Step 4: Type the request message “27 EB”, then you will see the response
Step 5: Open SeeD Calculator, type 4 codes in Seed as in the picture below.

Step 5 change the speed limit

Step 6: Copy 4 bytes in key and paste them into the request message in Vediamo as the picture

Step 6 change the speed limit using Vediamo

Step 7: Change “27 0B” into ’27 0C” then choose Send

Step 7 change the speed limit

Step 8: It’s accessible, select the Code for the variant of an ECU
Step 9: In the Service section, select VCD_Implizile _Variantenkodierung


Step 10: Select Vmax, then select 250km/h.


Let’s see the result
This is the maximum speed of the car at the beginning

Before change the speed limit using Vediamo
This is the maximum speed of the car after changing the speed limit

After change the speed limit using Vediamo
We successfully changed the maximum speed from 200km to 250km. However, this is not the highest speed, we can change the maximum speed to 280km or 320km depending on the model.

If, after going through the instructions, you still do not know how to change this function. You can contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 so that our technicians can do it remotely for you.

Support from Eurocartool

Detailed steps to change the speed limit Mercedes were all mentioned in this article, you can do it on your own if you have enough equipment. However, if you don’t have enough devices and software or this is the first time you try, please contact us directly for detailed advice and a quick response to save time and money. There is a team of technicians with over 30 years of experience in repairing luxury cars at Eurocartool. We always stand ready to support you 24/7 at WhatsApp: +13155472355.

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