How to turn on the Mercedes hold function on A-Class W177?

Mercedes hold function is a feature that does not need to use your foot to hold the brake when waiting for a red light for a long time. This feature is interested by many car owners and wants to enable it. So how can this feature be enabled on Mercedes cars? Find out with Eurocartool right in the article!

Mercedes Hold function

Mercedes is a brand that is always moving forward and enhancing features to increase the user experience. However, there are many hidden features that users may not know about, including the brake hold function. The Mercedes hold function is a convenient way to keep you safely stopped without having to keep your foot on the pedal all the time, especially when you have to stop for a long time at red lights or in traffic jams.

Sometimes, this function has been activated but users do not realize it. To check if it is activated or not, press the brake pedal, as usual, then press the foot again until the words “HOLD” are displayed in the instrument cluster of the vehicle, your vehicle has activated this function.
If your car has not been activated with this feature, then this article is for you!

How to turn on the Brake hold function

Before you start, you need to check if this function is activated or not. Then you will use specialized software and equipment to activate it.

Equipment needed:

  • Vediamo or DTS Monaco software: Software for engineers, which is used for offline programming and coding when replacing a certain control box on the vehicle. Their functions include reading, clearing errors, resetting the control box, changing previous setting parameters of the control box, etc.
    See more: Vediamo
    See more: DTS Monaco
  • C4 device (required): Diagnose all vehicle systems such as Automatic Transmission, manual transmission (AT, MT), Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Air conditioner system (A / C), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Anti-theft system (DASX), Remote lock control system (KEYLESS GO)…; Read and clear errors in all systems in-depth, etc.
    See more: C4 Device

Detailed steps:

In this article, we will show you how to turn on the Mercedes hold function using DTS Monaco software. This feature can be activated on models such as W204, W906, W204, W156, W164, W166, W212, W213, W221, W222, W253, W156, W164, W205, W222, W251, W166, W117, etc.
Here are the steps to turn on the Hold brake car function on the W117 series.
Step 1: Connecting devices and software to the car
Step 2: Select ECU: ESP9MFA as in the picture below

Step2 Turn on Mercedes hold function

Step 3: Select Domain: 002 Konfigurationen

Step 3 Turn on Mercedes hold function
Select Domain: 002 Konfigurationen

Step 4: Change Hold to “ja”.

Step 4 guide turn hold function Mercedes
Change Hold to “ja”

Step 5: Start coding
Step 6: Finish and check again

After coding to activate the Mercedes HOLD function, you can check functionthis tutorial video: How to use the Brake Hold Function

See more different video tutorials on our youtube channel: Car Diagnostic Software

Support from Eurocartool

It’s necessary to prepare professional equipment and software to turn on the Mercedes brake hold function. The whole process needs to be performed by experienced technicians as just one wrong “click” will cause a system error, which will waste your time and money. At Eurocartool, there is a team of technicians with over 30 years of experience, who are always ready to guide and advise you. If you want to turn on the brake hold function but are not sure about the steps, please contact us for detailed advice and a functionquick response.



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