How to check BMW FRM module fail?

The BMW FRM module is faulty, causing the lights and door system to operate intermittently or not be able to illuminate. You think the cause is the electrical system, but try checking the FRM module first. The testing procedures have been shared by experts from Eurocartool in the article below.

What is function of BMW FRM module?

FRM stands for Footwell Module, it is a module that controls functions related to lighting and window functions on BMW vehicles. Specifically, FRM manages departments such as:

  • Exterior mirrors
  • Power window drive
  • Headlight
  • Tail lights
  • Fog lights
  • Centre high-mount stop lamp
  • Auxiliary turn indicator light
  • Front courtesy lighting
  • Rear courtesy lighting
  • Number-plate light
  • 2 stepper motor controllers for the adaptive headlight stepper motors
  • 2 belt feeder controllers (only on E92)
  • Exterior lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Central locking system
  • Power window regulator


What causes BMW footwell module failure?

The BMW FRM module is located in the driver’s side footrest. This part is easily damaged by water or sudden voltage fluctuations.
FRM modules may encounter technical problems, such as damage, lost connections, or software errors. When the FRM module malfunctions, it can cause problems such as lights not working, windows not working, sound system not working, and other problems related to lighting and electronics. Specifically:

  • Headlights do not work
  • Light switches do not work
  • Windows does not move up or down
  • Parking lights stay on
  • Indicators do not work


Diagnosis of BMW FRM module errors

Depending on each car model and difference, there will be different error codes. You can refer to some of the following common error codes:

30BA: Night light sensor, left headlight
30BB: Night light sensor, right headlight
9CC5: Left front window system
9CC6: Right front window system
9CBA: Left rear window system
9CBB: Right rear window system
93D0: Front left tire pressure sensor
93D1: Front right tire pressure sensor
93D2: Rear left tire pressure sensor
93D3: Rear right tire pressure sensor

To accurately diagnose errors on your vehicle, you need to be fully equipped with a laptop, a BMW connection cable, and professional software to diagnose and erase errors. The steps will be shared in this article: How To Code A New BMW Footwell Module (FRM)?

How to check BMW FRM module failure?

Checking the components in the BMW FRM is important to assess whether the system is defective or not. Things you need to check include:

  • Check for error symptoms:Identify fault symptoms such as lights not working, windows not working, sound system not working, or other problems related to lighting and electronics.
  • Check circuit boards and connections: Check the circuit boards and connections of the FRM module to ensure they are not damaged, oxidized or improperly connected.


  • Check the power source: Check the power supply to the FRM module to ensure that it is receiving adequate power and that there are no power problems.
  • Check electronic components: Check the electronic components on the FRM module to determine if any are damaged or not working properly.
  • Using diagnostic equipment:In cases where mechanical testing does not detect a problem, you will need to use a more specialized device such as a multi-purpose scanner. Connect the software to the vehicle through the diagnostic device to prepare to read error codes. This device will provide information about specific errors and module operating parameters
  • Replace or repair the FRM module: If after inspection and diagnosis, you determine that the FRM module is damaged or defective, you can replace or repair the module by taking the vehicle to a professional service center or sending the module to a repair facility. reliable treatment.

To check and repair BMW FRM module errors requires a high level of expertise and technique, so if you have no experience or knowledge of automotive electronics, seek help from a specialist or service center. professional. Experts from Eurocartool are always ready to support you via WhatsApp: +13155472355

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