How to Code a New BMW Footwell Module (FRM)?

The BMW Footwell Module is a Module that receives signals from a type of sensor and is responsible for controlling many other facilities on the vehicle body. When the FRM fails and is replaced it will be necessary to perform coding for the module to be compatible with the vehicle. In this article, experts from Eurocartool will help you understand what Footwell Module is, error symptoms and how to code to fix it.

What is a FootWell Module BMW (FRM)?

The FRM is often called the Footwell Module because it is located in the footrest on the driver’s side.
The BMW Footwell Module is a module that acts as a controller for managing various functions related to the lights and windows in the vehicle. It works by communicating with the dashboard, receiving signals from an assortment of sensors on the vehicle, and is responsible for controlling many aspects of the vehicle’s body, such as power/electric windows, AC/heater fan, exterior and interior lights, and outside rearview mirrors.

However, if the FRM fails, it can cause multiple problems simultaneously. These problems can be easily detected by the identifying information we provide in the next section.

BMW footwell module failure symptoms

When the module fails, it will affect the operation of the body functions. Exterior lights like the headlights and taillights will stay on all the time and you’ll find that you won’t be able to turn them off. Or conversely, the outside indicator/turn lights cannot work, along with the main and interior lights. Power/electric windows will also not function as they should.
In general, faulty FRMs will have some of the following manifestations:

  • Danger lights not working
  • Headlights cannot be turned on/off
  • Tail light cannot be turned on/off
  • Interior lights not working
  • Power windows do not work or will open but cannot close properly
  • Unable to connect to FRM . module
  • AC fan/heater not working
  • Maintenance service keeps flashing on control panel
  • Mirrors cannot be folded automatically

How to code a new bmw footwell module frm 1

When using professional scanning tools, you can find the following error codes:

  • 497F – Message error (status, reverse gear, 0x3B0) Diesel electronics receiver footwell module
  • A3B4 – Message (lighting condition) incorrectly, transmitter FRM Permanent
  • A3C1 – Message (FRM foot space module) incorrectly receiver COMBI, transmitter FRM – permanent.
  • E72B (window error) and E72C (window error)

Some FRM related error codes displayed in the diagnostic software that you can refer to:

How-to-code-a-new-bmw-footwell-module-frm-5 How-to-code-a-new-bmw-footwell-module-frm-6

These error codes are all caused by errors on the FRM module, next we will help you understand the cause of the error and how to fix it.

Why is the FRM Module BMW faulty?

The FRM module is fixed to the driver’s footrest. It is protected in its own box and the user needs to use a tool to open the screw. However, FRM is a rather sensitive device and is easily damaged when subjected to strong impacts, when there is a little water infiltration or abnormal voltage fluctuations.

  • Usually reasons such as
  • Replace batteries
  • Online programming
  • Unstable power supply voltage

All can harm your Footwell module.

Step to BMW footwell module reset
Today the cost to replace FRM is around $400-600, but if you can fix the error by coding to run the FRM module again it will save 2-3 times the cost. Before doing this, you will need to prepare a laptop, a BMW connection cable along with professional software to diagnose and delete errors. Here are our recommended product combos:Combo BMW Diagnostic software and tool Package.

During the encryption process, make sure that the battery in the car does not run out in the middle. Otherwise all remedial efforts will be fruitless.

You can use INPA or WINKFP software. After connecting the device to the vehicle using ICOM NEXT or KDcan.

Conduct vehicle fault reading and find FRM number

How to code a new bmw footwell module frm 1


Do coding with software, if you do not know how to code you should get advice from more experienced technicians. Or refer to some video tutorials on youtube.
In addition, you can contact us via Website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for advice and remote repair support.

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