“48v battery Mercedes see owners manual” appear on the dashboard, it means that the car’s battery is having problems. The battery is a very important part of the vehicle’s power supply, so when there is an error related to it, it needs to be repaired immediately, but in many cases during the repair, it causes electrical problems throughout the car.

When an error occurs, the Taplo will report: Auxiliary battery malfunction, Start Engine see Owner’s Manual, 48V Battery Mercedes,… this seriously affects the operation and safety of the user.
In the following article, Eurocartool will give you the most detailed information about this problem and how to w205 battery replacement.

Causes of 48v battery malfunction Mercedes

Currently, many customers complain about the problem of the car not being able to start despite trying many times. For Mercedes models, a technician must have encountered many of these cases on models such as W204, W906, W204, W156, W164, W166, W212, W213, W221, W222, W253, W156, W164, W205, W222, W251, 166, W117,…

Here are the factors related to this problem:

  • Electrical system problem: The battery is damaged, the battery terminals are poorly connected, the ignition system is faulty, the gear lever position is not set correctly, and the ignition system is faulty,…
  • Technical problems: the car is out of fuel, the connected devices, the relay or the fuel injection system fault, faulty fuel pump system…

Which, the problem of battery failure in the electrical system is the most concerning. The main battery-related errors include the low or damaged battery, failure to activate, and poorly connected battery devices. Especially with the 48V Mercedes battery error, the car cannot start because the battery has not been activated.

With this problem, Eurocartool will show you how to fix it on the C-Class (W205) model in the fastest way. Find out below!

*Error displayed on taplo

Error 48V Battery on Taplo

Mercedes 48v battery repair tools requirements

With Mercedes Benz 48 volt battery problems, it is necessary to identify errors and offer the optimal repair plan to save time and repair costs. When detecting that the vehicle has a problem that cannot start, the first step you should take is to check the overall related parts such as the battery, and the connected devices,…Then conduct an in-depth inspection of the information through specialized software suites.

After checking and evaluating the overall error that the vehicle is experiencing, you need to prepare the following equipment to conduct an in-depth diagnosis and repair:

Support device to correct 48V Battery Error

Repair instructions fix error 48v battery Mercedes C-Class (W205)

48v battery malfunction Mercedes reset detailed instructions on error correction steps:

Step 1: Perform parking and try to Position the vehicle in a flat position for easy repair
Step 2: Make a connection with the tester
Step 3: Check the error code in G1/3 on board the electric battery system battery


Step 4: Connect the CBF (LIB) file for programing


Step 5: Qick test ECU


Step 6: Choose Flash programming, click RUN to flash ECU

Step 7: Reset hardware and clear the error to see the results, start the car to stop Check the operation of the car again

Step 8: Open Xentry and read/clear error




Here is a detailed video fix 48V battery Mercedes malfunction tutorial: Programing 48V Battery see Owner’s Manual W205

With the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it is normal to have a battery problem but it will cause trouble. problems if you don’t know how to handle them. A mistake in diagnosis will cost you hours and a lot of money. So if you are having the 48V battery Mercedes as above, please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355 for a technician and customer support is ready to assist you 24/7 with advice and answers to your questions.

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