How to get Mercedes Benz Radio Code?

If you remove the radio from the vehicle or the battery is disconnected, you need to re-enter the Mercedes Benz Radio Code to reactivate them to work as they were. However, finding the radio code is a difficult and time-consuming task. So how to get the radio code back? At this time, our Mercedes Radio Code service is an effective support tool for you.

What is Mercedes Benz Code Radio?

The Mercedes Benz Radio Code is used as an unlock code of the security system, which helps to protect the vehicle radio unit from theft or replacement. Usually, the radio code is printed on a small label on the vehicle or written in the owner’s manual. If you’ve lost your Mercedes Radio Code or want to replace a car stereo and can’t find it, you can still get your code back in a variety of ways.

In some Mercedes models, the radio code is written on a small white label inside the passenger seat compartment. They will be accompanied by the words “Anti-theft radio code”. You just need to enter this sequence of characters using the buttons on the radio box. After successfully entering the code, you will hear a “Beep” sound and then the radio will work as normal again.

However, in many cases users do not find the radio code on the passenger seat compartment or in the user manual. Don’t worry, you can completely get this code sequence back using our Mercedes Benz Radio Code granting service.

How to get a Mercedes Benz Radio Code?

In many cases, users need to use radio codes such as buying 2nd hand cars and want to replace the radio control box, Head Unit or replace control box ECM, Engine Control Module…, or simply the radio control box has lost its battery, the owner lost the radio code… At this point, you need to enter the code to work again using the supported ways, but for the most convenience please use our services.
But first, you need to provide some information such as the radio’s serial number, the VIN number, and the image of the label containing the vehicle’s Serial Number.

How to find the radio serial number?

You can find the serial number printed on the label or the metal case affixed or engraved on the outside of the radio. For some Mercedes models, to get the serial number you will need to remove the radio unit from the dashboard. Disassembly requires specialized tools and must be handled with care or you could break the plastic housing or even damage the car’s audio wiring.
Alternatively, you can check the radio serial number in the Xentry software.


Here are some radio models used on Mercedes cars:

Blaupunkt radios
If you own Blaupunkt radios, you can easily see the radio serial number on the side of the device. This sequence usually begins with the 2 letters BP and is followed by a sequence of 13 numbers.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 2

Becker radios
Radio models manufactured by Becker have an 8-digit serial number. As in the image below, you just need to enter the number sequence: 21012736.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 3

Anatel radios – Citan
Models of radios manufactured by Renault Anatel will have a serial number which is a string of 15 characters and usually begins with the number 2815.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 4

Alpine radios
You can get the Mercedes Radio Code engraved on the outer box of Alpine radios. They consist of 14 letters, starting with the 2 letters AL followed by 12 numbers.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 5

Panasonic radios
You can see the serial number of the Panasonic radio below the barcode. The way to identify this series of numbers is that you see them starting with the letter PA and followed by 12 digits.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 6

How to find the Mercedes VIN number?

The VIN is a string of 17 numbers and you can find them on your car easily. You can find the Mercedes-Benz VIN number located on the side of the upper passenger seat, just need to adjust the seat button all the way to the back, there will be a slit in which the chassis number of the car is located. Or in some car models, the VIN may be affixed to the glass. Below is a picture of the sticker with the VIN number to help you clearly identify it.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 7

Once you have the required information, get your Mercedes to unlock code by filling out the form as shown below with the serial number, VIN number and email address.

How to get mercedes benz radio code 8

Mercedes Benz Radio Code Service in Eurocartool

Eurocartool is the representative and distributor of many famous diagnostic and repair brands in the world. With the mission of providing technicians worldwide with the best quality diagnostic and search software and equipment for repair and diagnostic work for technicians.

With this Mercedes Benz Radio Code service, we will help you get your lost radio code back quickly in up to 2 hours. We will do all the process of getting the code, you just need to fill in your information in the table as above and complete the payment. Your radio code will be sent directly to the email/Whatsapp address you provided.

You can order the service to get the Mercedes Benz Radio Code back by texting through the website, WhatsApp or ordering the service here: Mercedes Radio Code.

If you have any questions before making a purchasing decision or need help with coding, and programming then please contact us via WhatsApp: +13155472355. At Eurocartool, there is a team of experienced technicians who are always ready to support you 24/7, especially we can support you remotely during your repair. Contact us for advice and the fastest response!

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