Why Should Update Mercedes diagnostic software?

Mercedes diagnostic software includes all diagnostic software, reading errors, deleting errors, looking up,, … supporting the repair process of technicians to become easier. In this article, Eurocartool will explain why it is necessary to update the version of Mercedes-Benz repair software to a newer version and the benefits it brings to you.


Today, Car manufacturers are constantly updating and learning, developing new technologies to not fall behind in the automotive field. Mercedes-Benz is the same, as a luxury car company, it is essential to produce new and good cars. Along with that development, the diagnostic and repair software is updated to match Mercedes’s innovation and growth.

Why update Mercedes diagnostic software?

Mercedes software update is essential. Mercedes-Benz is a well-known luxury car company, so new models and new technologies are developed and applied to their models. Therefore, the repair software has also been updated following the development of vehicle models.

  • Every month, the company’s software engineers constantly update new features and error codes in the software. It makes repairs and diagnostics more accurate and efficient.
  • The updated visual interface helps you save time as well as see the problems more quickly.

From time to time, some software will release a new version to support repair with new features of the car and the latest car models. Therefore, in order to keep up with the development of the auto industry, the auto repair industry also needs to upgrade supporting equipment to make the repair process simpler in the implementation stages.

New cars will be covered under warranty so will often be taken to the dealer for maintenance and repair. However, outside technicians also need to be fully equipped to keep up with the market when you can use to repair many new features that the previous version did not support.

Mercedes vehicles are increasingly reliant on technology, including software-controlled systems such as climate control, navigation and radio control, and on-road systems such as airbags. , anti-lock brakes, powertrain functions and emissions control. Many systems are upgraded and new technologies are developed along with the continuous development of the automobile industry.

System errors in Mercedes vehicles can reduce vehicle performance and safety. Therefore, Mercedes software updates will help all vehicle systems operate smoothly and prevent any problems that may occur.

Therefore, repair software such as vehicle diagnostics also need to be upgraded to be able to read errors easily


When do you need Mercedes software update?

How do you know if your software is too old and needs to be updated? That’s when a new model Mercedes has a problem that needs to be diagnosed and repaired. But your software is outdated and can’t read error codes or even support that model. 

  • Xentry diagnostic software old version cannot diagnose new models.
  • The software interface is too outdated. Error reading time, as well as error clearing time, takes a long time.
  • Using the software has many problems as well as inefficient connections with the vehicle.

The latest version of the Mercedes Diagnostic Software

Xentry is a specialist diagnostic software for Mercedes vehicles. This is also the software that updates the version most often compared to other software. Currently, Xentry software has 2 types: Xentry Openshell and Xentry Passthru. Both of these software have the latest version currently is March 2024. With this version, you can use it to diagnose vehicles up to 2021.


So what about cars from after 2021 to now? To diagnose these vehicles, you will need the Xentry Certificate. This certificate is granted to Xentry to read and diagnose new car models after 2021 to 2023 such as W167, W206, W213, W223. However, it can only be used with versions of the Xentry Openshell software that connect to DOIP devices.

More update Mercedes software are expected in the near future.

How to Mercedes Benz software update?

Currently, the versions of Xentry software work completely independently, so it is very difficult for you to manually update from the old version to the newer version. If you want to support remote update, you can contact our technician via website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for advice and support or you can read How To Update Xentry Mercedes Benz New Version.
If you do not want to update the software in a complicated way, you can delete the old version and install the new version will be faster and easier. However, during the installation process, there may also be errors that prevent you from installing, such as:

  • The screen shows installing but does not move to the next step.
  • Can’t open config acssis
  • When starting xentry, I get error 2221-1, 2221-45
  • Appears ERROR:0x800401EA
  • ERROR the faulty data
  • Message Queing error
  • Ostart_xentry error

You can order the latest version of the Xentry software on the Eurocartool website. Our technicians will install it remotely for you, plus lifetime technical support.

Above is information about Mercedes Benz software update. Hope to bring you useful information. If you want to support remote update or install, contact us for 24/7 support.


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