Mercedes diagnostic software

Mercedes diagnostic software

Today, Car manufacturers are constantly updating and learning, developing new technologies to not fall behind in the automotive field. Mercedes-Benz is the same, as a luxury car company, it is essential to produce new and good cars. Along with that development, the diagnostic and repair software is updated to match Mercedes’s innovation and growth.

1. Why do we need to update Mercedes-Benz software?

Mercedes software update is essential. Mercedes-Benz is a well-known luxury car company, so new models and new technologies are developed and applied to their models. Therefore, the repair software has also been updated following the development of vehicle models.

  • Every month, the company’s software engineers constantly update new features and error codes in the software. It makes repairs and diagnostics more accurate and efficient.
  • The updated visual interface helps you save time as well as see the problems more quickly.

2. When do you need Mercedes software update?

How do you know if your software is too old and needs to be updated? That’s when a new model Mercedes has a problem that needs to be diagnosed and repaired. But your software is outdated and can’t read error codes or even support that model. 

  • Mercedes 2020 models do not support Xentry 2020 version, but Xentry OpenShell version 2021 can connect.
  • The software interface is too outdated. Error reading time, as well as error clearing time, takes a long time.
  • Using the software has many problems as well as inefficient connections with the vehicle.

3. The latest version of the Mercedes Diagnostic Software.

The latest Xentry OpenShell diagnostic software version is the December 2021 version, but you should not always update and use the new version.

The December version is currently experiencing some errors, such as not connecting to the C4 sd connect devices and requiring an update. So the most stable used version is the September 2021 version. 

Car manufacturers supported by Xentry software
Car manufacturers supported by Xentry diagnostic

To better understand Xentry OpenShell 9/2022 software, you can see more articles to understand the software’s features better

4. Common errors when updating Mercedes software.

How to update Mercedes software is not a difficult task, but if you do not know how to correct it, you will have difficulties and even affect your work.

Common errors:

  • Error receiving Key.
Frequently encountered problems
  • Active error.
  • Driver error.

And some other errors that you find difficult to handle during the update process. To save time and fix the update problem, please ask Mercedes software experts to install and update the software quickly, and you can take the initiative in your time at work.

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