VW key programming and how many ways are there?


VW key programming needs to be done when your car key is lost and you need a new one. So what are the ways to implement this feature? What to prepare? Please see the article below.

Why is it necessary to perform VW key programming?

VW key programming is performed by technicians with full software and equipment to be able to perform this function. Here are some reasons why car owners need to program their car keys:

  • Want to replace a new key
  • Lost the key and want to do it again
  • Read and copy another key

It can be seen that programming your key will take place when you want to make a new key to replace the old key. At this point, the new key needs to be compatible with the vehicle to work.

How to program vw keys?

If it is a new car, the owner can absolutely bring his car to the dealer to request a rebuild. However, if the vehicle is out of warranty, this will become the job of technicians at other repair places. Some ways that vw key programming can be performed are as follows:

  • Go to the dealer to request key programming (with the car owner)
  • Use software to program vehicle keys such as Odis software or VCDS
  • Use professional key making equipment

Using the ODIS software to program the key, you need a Volkswagen login online account to access the database from the dealer to perform this function.

Odis service login online 3

With VCDS software, you can perform key programming through the steps “Seclect control module => Central Conv => fill in parameters (VAG number, component, soft coding,…) => Adaptation.

Step 1: Select control module


Step 2: Choose “Central Conv”

Step 3: Choose Adaptation

Vw-key-programming-with-vcds-choose-adaptation Vw-key-programming-with-vcds-save-conf

Step 4: Choose Reomote control adaptation

Fill in the key parameters (channel, stored value, new value, test velue) => test


After the program finishes running, follow the instructions in the notes.


Some vw key programming devices

In addition to using software, there are also many technicians who use professional key making equipment. Currently on the market there are many devices with this function, so which is the most used professional device? Below are some devices that you can refer to.

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro key making machine

Autel MaxiIM IM608 is considered one of the devices capable of quickly and powerfully programming keys for many car models on the market including Volkswagen today. Autel is known as a brand that produces good quality and highly rated equipment. Not only the quality, the features that this device brings also help technicians repair cars more easily.

Autel MaxiIM IM608 is designed with key making modes such as Smart mode, Expert mode, Manual selection, Advanced mode. Each mode will have different characteristics, but all have very fast processing speed.



LAUNCH X431 IMMO Elite is the device with the most outstanding key programming function of the Launch brand. Just like Autel or other devices, LAUNCH X431 can work with most car models currently on the market. To perform the key programming function, the X431 needs to work with Launch’s specialized programming device such as the X-PROG3 Key Programmer.

LAUNCH X431 IMMO Elite has the ability to reset IMMO from basic to advanced and deeper level inter-functions including: read PIN (add key/lose all keys), replace IMMO module, add /generate new key, IMMO backup/restore data, delete IMMO data, match/learn keys,…



XTOOL X100 PAD Plus is a device with the latest version upgraded by the manufacturer in 2023 of XTOOL. Therefore, it has all the powerful functions to program keys for many car models on the market such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW,…

X100 PAD PLUS is capable of performing IMMO functions such as Read Pin Code, Generate Key, Generate Dealer Key, All-Key-Lost(Read PIN/CS Code), read and write immobilizer data, Replace immobilizer module, IMMO ECU reset and coding, IMMO data backup, Remote learning, Key pairing/learning, smart key reading, EEPROM read/write and EEPROM chip backup inside the immobilizer module determined.
In addition, it can also perform diagnostic and service functions like other diagnostic equipment such as full OE access system diagnosis, 28+ special function services, access and scan more than 80 types of car, supports 14 languages,…


VW key programming is an important process that helps the new key work with the vehicle. If you need software to do this process, you can contact us via website or WhatsApp: +13155472355 to get it. Most detailed advice.

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