What is SCN Online Coding? SCN Coding important or not?


SCN Online Coding is a feature that only authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer staff can use. It is needed for machine protection and performance improvement. So is SCN Coding important or not? Let’s find out together!

What is SCN Online Coding?

SCN coding online is a feature that requires an SCN Coding Online Account to be able to code the control boxes. Software calibration digital coding, centralized and near-automatic coding to prevent incorrect selection when replacing a module.

Why is SCN coding important?

SCN coding can be generated by authorized dealer staff through any computer with the internet or any NetStar Terminal. For example, if you are having problems with the transmission, it may be a problem with the ME Control Unit and you need SCN coding to fix the problem.
SCN coding will always be required after replacing most Mercedes-Benz systems, for example:

  • ABS
  • SRS airbag computer
  • Gearbox module
  • Keys Programming
  • ME module…

You will need SCN online coding for the additional installation of future control modules. It will also ensure that your vehicle will function optimally. And the SCN code is also required to prevent any aftermarket enhancements from being made to improve performance.

Advantages – Disadvantages of SCN coding

Advantages: Mercedes internal online coding program, connecting repair and coding directly on the vehicle. Read and clear errors, reset control boxes quickly and change parameters of previous setting values,…
Cons: Currently blocked online SCN encryption system worldwide, only can be used by an authorized Mercedes dealer.

So when SCN online coding has been blocked worldwide but needs to re-code the software, what to do?
Currently, after SCN coding online is blocked, DTS Monaco and Vediamo software are two life saving offline encryption software for technicians. Both software support coding, error reading and Mercedes programming. DTS Monaco supports new models and Vediamo supports old models. If you want to learn more about the software, please refer to the article!

What software is an alternative to online SCN?

When SCN online stopped working, Mercedes released 2 offline coding software to perform coding and programming functions to support the car repair process. These two software are Vediamo and DTS Monaco.

VEDIAMO Software

Vediamo Software – Engineer software dedicated to coding and programming old models Mercedes-Benz.

Main Function of Vediamo software

  • Distributed diagnostics with multiple, simultaneous special client applications, e.g., test run control over PSR adapter while simultaneously verifying with Ecoute
  • Expansion of the system by additional clients
  • Diagnostics, coding, or flashing of multiple ECUs simultaneously


DTS Monaco

DTS Monaco Engineer software is a great partner in a time when SCN online is blocked.

Special features:

  • Quick Check: Quick check of the entire vehicle ECU and selectable test for further editing
  • Diverse encoding
  • ID recognition: One click to read the entire vehicle and save all the model’s programmed numbers – boil 4.
  • Complete variant encoding: One read of all vehicle ECU encoding data, can be written to the vehicle again, working completely offline.
  • Diagnostic service: Advanced features can see the difference between you choose internal and external data modules, activate computer authorization (not driver’s license), Activate ECU, set ECU again, modify
  • the original chassis number
  • Flash Programming: Completely Offline Programming
  • Diagnostic trouble code: Diagnostic module Error code DTC
  • ECU Exchange: Two of the ECUs are the same, by reading the exchange data input.
  • Symbol Trace

DTS monaco software


Currently, SCN online coding has been blocked, so currently 2 software Vediamo and DTS monaco are two specialized software that support offline coding and programming for current Mercedes models.
Above is the information about SCN online coding, any questions please contact us directly via website Eurocartool or WhatsApp: +13155472355 for the fastest advice and support.

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